Non-Running Exercises You Can Do on a Treadmill

How to combine strength training workouts & treadmill workouts

Maybe you hate running, maybe the sight of a treadmill strikes fear into your heart (if so, read this right now). On the contrary, maybe running is the best part of your day. Regardless, we can all agree that plugging away on a treadmill can get boring quickly. To fight workout fatigue, we’ve got HIIT non-running exercises you can do on a treadmill on those days you just can’t run another mile.

Digging the thought of a no-run cardio session? Check out the moves below and try one of these Aaptiv classes found in the treadmill category. Look for mentions of “strength,” “HIIT,” or “body weight” exercises in the class descriptions.

Crush Each Zone – Meghan Takacs
All You Need – Marianna Birbin

On and Off – Ben Green
HIIT Remix – Kelly Chase

Keep it Burning – Meghan Takacs
Hit the Floor – Jessica Muenster

HIIT exercises you can do on a treadmill

Walking Lunges

Focus on form, not speed here. To get some solid, deep lunges, your pace shouldn’t go much higher than 2.5. Feel free to play around with the incline (up to 15 percent) to make it more of a challenge. Although walking lunges seem like a basic exercise, they’re a great way to get your blood pumping, and trust us, your legs and glutes will be feeling this later.

Walking Side Lunges

For walking side lunges your whole body should be facing one side of the treadmill, rest your hands on your hips, keeping your form neat and centered. When you lower down (one leg at a time), think about making your thigh even with the treadmill. Stepping out of the side lunge, the closest your feet should come together is about hip distance.

Plank Walk

The plank walk will work your upper body and abs and give your legs a tiny break. Turn the treadmill off or pause it momentarily. Get in a plank position at the rear of the treadmill. With only your hands on the treadmill, walk your hands forward alternately.

Reverse Mountain Climbers

Although, like traditional mountain climbers, reverse mountain climbers will work your whole body, the focus is on your bum. For this exercise, your hands will be on the floor and your feet will be on the treadmill. As the treadmill is moving, drive one leg back at a time, pulling the other into your chest.

Side Shuffle

Facing one side of the treadmill, do side shuffles upright or in a semi-squat position—the latter being more of a challenge. For either version, make sure your chest is lifted and your back is straight. Starting with your leg closest to the front, step toward the front of the treadmill, immediately following with your other leg.

A good side shuffle will have a little hop and a nice, even rhythm. Meaning: they’re super fun, especially with your favorite song.

Walking Side Squats

Walking side squats are going to be preformed much like the side shuffle, except you’ll want to slow down the pace and eliminate the little hop. Performed in a deep or semi-squat position, these will feel much more controlled.


This is a classic exercise for good reason. This move will work your legs and bum. Squat down and focus your weight in your heels. Keep your legs at a 90 degree angle and squat straight down. Be careful not to lean forward too far.

Bear Crawls

This is a combination move that incorporates plank and pushups into one killer move. Start at the base of your treadmill, bend down and crawl forward on your hands keeping your knees elevated. You’ll end in a plank pose—then do one or two pushups and walk your hands back to your feet and stand up.



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