New Ways to Chisel Your Abs

New classes have arrived!

From crazy tough ab workouts to treadmill and outdoor runs for every level, there’s something for everyone in this week’s new class release. Check the new workouts out below and in the app!

Plus, did you see we got a whole new look? Now finding a class you love is easier than ever.


Earn Your Burn with Erin S.
Intermediate Sprints Intervals: This 7-minute workout may be quick, but you’ll work hard to earn your burn! You’ll be sprinting for quick intervals with the speed between eight and nine miles per hour.

Flight School with Ben G.
Advanced Sprints: Set the incline to three percent and get ready to sweat! In this workout you’ll alternate between 30-second sprints and 30 seconds of active recovery, increasing the speed for the last two intervals.

Push Your Progress with Candice C.
Beginner Interval Jog: Want to build your walk to a run? This workout alternates between intervals of jogging and walking on an incline with plenty of recovery in between to help you build up your endurance.

Introducing Incline with Ed H.
Beginner Interval Jog: Ready to take your jog to the next level? This class will help you build up your stamina with quick intervals on a mild one percent incline.

I Am A Runner with Jenn G.
Intermediate Intervals: If you’ve ever doubted your running ability, this class is for you. Build your confidence through intervals of running, jogging, and walking recovery. You’ll focus on building your endurance and getting comfortable with speed.

Early AM Endorphins with Jessica M.
Beginner Form Focused: After a quick power-walk warmup, you’ll alternate between two jogging speeds. This class is fun and form-focused, so listen closely to your insturctor to learn how to get the most out of this flat-road workout.

Run for the Hills with Kelly Chase
Intermediate Hill Intervals: Hit the treadmill and get ready to walk, jog, and climb some hills. The goal of this workout is to use incline to build strength in your lower legs.

Genuine Grit with Meghan T.
Advanced Hill Climb: If you’re looking for variance and improvement in overall running efficiency, this run is for you! As you make your way up these steep hills, you’ll take on intermittent intervals of tempo running and walking recovery.

Rhythm Runner with Jaime M.
Intermediate HIIT: Let the beat of the music guide you as you up the incline and switch between intervals of walking, jogging, and running. This workout will help you build stability and challenge your core strength.

Fast Forecast Rochelle M.
Advanced Speed Work: Leave the incline behind and focus on a series of one-minute, fast-paced sprints! You’ll work on getting faster as you build up to a max speed of ten.


Elastic Core with Candice C.
Intermediate Core: This post-cardio workout will build heat in your core with a quick series of planks, yoga moves, and full-body stretches. You’ll cycle through a series of standing windmills, alternating knee hugs, and planks to pikes.

Powerful Planks with Jessica M.
Advanced Core: In this quick workout, you’ll target your core with a series of planks. The workout starts and ends with a 60-second plank hold but, prepare yourself for quick intervals of mountain climbers, side planks, and plank push-ups in between.

Head to Toe with Sultan M.
Advanced Full Body + Weights: No part of your body goes untouched in this weight workout. You’ll complete two circuits that will get your upper body, lower body, and everything in between burning.

It’s Crunch Time with Sultan M.
Advanced Full Body: This bodyweight workout includes a series of lunges, crunches, and leg raises that will strengthen your entire body.

Absurd Abs with Amanda M.
Advanced HIIT: In this challenging workout, you’ll start out deconstructing a burpee for an intense core workout. Next, you’ll move through three circuits of intervals with inchworms, push-ups, snap jumps, planks, crunches, and more!

The Core of Your Cardio with Meghan T.
Intermediate Core: Use this core-focused workout to wake up your muscles before a cardio workout. Relying on your bodyweight, you’ll work through intervals of planks, flutter kicks, crunches, bicycles, and butterfly sit-ups that get progressively more difficult.

Crunchy Core with Sultan M.
Intermediate Core: Alternate between four core-focused exercises, working for 40 seconds each and resting at the end of the circuit for 30 seconds. These intervals will include side crunches, vertical crunches, and double crunches.


Resistance is Futile with Candice C.
Advanced Progessive Intervals: Climb on the elliptical for this challenging HIIT workout. You’ll work your lower body as your speed and resistance increase with each interval.

Happy Heavy Feet with Jenn G.
Advanced Progressive Intervals: In this quick workout, you’ll leave the incline alone and focus on sprinting with resistance. These short, heavy intervals will get you sweating.

Slow Churn Burn with Jessica M.
Intermediate Resistance Intervals: In this workout, you’ll power through four five-minute circuits of heavy resistance intervals that get progressively more challenging.

Can’t Resist the Speed with Rochelle M.
Advanced Resistance Intervals: Bring the resistance up and get ready to sprint! The goal of this class is to maintain a high speed throughout each heavy, one-minute interval. Push yourself through each sprint to earn your recovery.


Step Up Your Game with Erin S.
Intermediate Progressive Intervals: Work, rest, repeat! In this HIIT workout you’ll push yourself for one minute, recover for one minute, and increase the intensity with every interval.

Steppin’ Out with Jenn G.
Intermediate HIIT: During this quick HIIT workout you’ll work through four circuits of fast-paced intervals. From sprints, to step skippers, to multidirectional work—this workout has a little bit of everything.

Step it Like You Mean it with Kelly C.
Advanced HIIT: Build strength in your glutes and quads one step at a time with squatting exercises, alternating kickbacks, and sprints on the stair climber. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it!

Superstar Stepping with Amanda M.
Advanced Multidirectional: After a quick warm up off the machine to activate your glutes and hamstrings, your climb will include and variety of intervals with sprints, multidirectional work, and step skippers.

Indoor Cycling

Aerobic Engine with Ed H.
Advanced HIIT: In this class you’ll focus on maintaining your tempo. You’ll work to develop the proper pedal stroke efficency at high speeds to perfect your aerobic endurance.

Saddle Battle with Ed H.
Beginner Form Focus: You’ll stay in the saddle for most of this ride and focus on perfecting your form. The road may be flat, but you’ll push yourself with intervals of light to moderate resistance.

Crank It Up and Out with Kelly C.
Intermediate HIIT: Challenge your endurance and hit the bike for full-body intervals that include sprints, hill climbs, and tap backs. You’ll move through different zones and positions to keep your muscles guessing.

Surge Forward with Ben G.
Intermediate HIIT: If you’re short on time but ready to give it all you’ve got, this is workout the for you! After a quick warm up, you’ll cycle through six quick power surges, maxing out your effort to earn your recovery.

Outdoor Running

Nerves of Steel with Meghan T.
This 400-meter sprint workout is all about shaving off the seconds! Get outside your comfort zone with a goal of running each interval faster than the last.

Train to Maintain with Rochelle M.
Beginner Interval Walk + Jog: Throughout this series of walking and jogging intervals, you’ll learn tips and tricks to help you keep your pace steady and your form on point. Focus on maintaining the same speed throughout each jog circuit in order to build up your endurance.

Cruise Control with Ben G.
Beginner Interval Jog: This beginner-friendly workout will help you transition from walking to jogging. Once you establish your steady walking pace, you’ll build up to alternate between intervals of brisk walking and jogging.

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