Introducing New Features on Aaptiv: More Personalized Workout Plans

Hyper-personalized, adaptable and more comprehensive workout plans

We have some exciting news, Team Aaptiv! We’ve added new features that will level up your workout plans. These features are designed to create hyper-personalized, adaptable workout plans to help you crush your fitness goals. Learn more about the new features below.


Meet your new personal trainer, powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) – SmartCoach. When you update the app, SmartCoach will ask you a series of questions to create a tailor-made workout plan that’s just right for you based on your unique goals, preferences and fitness level. But it doesn’t stop there! After each workout, SmartCoach eagerly awaits your feedback to fine-tune and adapt your plan, ensuring that you always get the most effective workouts. It’s like having a dedicated personal trainer that’s always by your side, pushing you to greatness!

The new SmartCoach feature won’t replace any of the wonderful trainers or classes that Aaptiv already offers. Instead, it adds a new level of personalization and customization to your workout experience. Aaptiv will continue to create new classes with incredible trainers.

Heart rate-based workouts

Get your heart pumping with this new collection of heart rate-based workouts within your SmartCoach plan. Each cardio workout has real-time audio coaching to keep you on track, and inspire you every step of the way! These workouts measure your heart rate during the workout and provide on-screen feedback to help you target the appropriate heart rate zone for maximum effectiveness.


The Stats feature got an upgrade. It’s now a more comprehensive analysis based on your exercise routine and physical biometric data. Providing detailed insights to help better understand how you’re progressing toward your goals. Keep track of your accomplishments, monitor your improvements, and celebrate your victories over time. It’s your personal dashboard of success! This updated feature is available whether you have a wearable device or not.

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