New Aaptiv Workout Classes Are Here!

Jumpstart your week with a new workout class

We have good news and we have even better news. The good news is that you can find all of the new Aaptiv workouts (50% off today!) released today below. (Start planning your week of workouts now!)

The great news is that Aaptiv coach Rochelle Baxter is back from maternity leave with seven all-new classes! If you’ve missed her as much as we have, be sure to welcome her back by logging one, two, or all seven of her routines.

Ready to start training? Find a class to try below and don’t forget to tag #TeamAaptiv in your post-workout selfies!

Rochelle is back!

Walking Challenge
All Walking: The goal of this routine is to bring your heart rate up and burn max calories while jamming out to early 2000 hits. There are some very steep inclines in this class—you’ve been warned! Beginner

Hills…Because You CAN!
Incline Intervals: This class is all about the climb—even the warm-up starts on an incline. Focus on the classic rock mix and get ready to reach new heights. Intermediate

xoxo, Intervals
Walking + Jogging: Pop hits and one-minute intervals will keep your head (and muscles!) in the game during this time-efficient and effective routine. Beginner

Heavy HIITers
HIIT: This class is all intervals set to a hip-hop mix. You’ll build endurance, burn fat, and feel unstoppable! Beginner

Like Candy
Hill Repeats: Pop’s sweetest ladies will encourage you to push you through a series of elliptical inclines to build up strength and endurance. Advanced

Peak Fun
HIIT: A complete mix of elliptical intervals, sprints, inclines, and resistance sets. You’ll stay focused and burn major calories while having a blast. Beginner

Teen Spirit
Cardio Intervals: This all-intervals class will take you back to your teenage pop dream days. Keep your mind off the burn and learn how to push through a whole class without stopping. Intermediate

7-Minute Quick Hits

Yoga Basics with Jason Olson
Intro To Yoga: Rock tunes and Jason’s superb coaching will make learning common yoga poses (such as Side Angle and Down Dog) fun. Beginner

Quick Back Workout with Jessica Muenster
Back + Shoulders: Work your upper body with low rows and Arnold presses–if you have a set of dumbbells handy you’ll want to use them for this quick routine. Intermediate

EMOM-7 with Meghan Takacs
Core + Arms: EMOM stands for every minute on the minute. Power through these 7 moves for a killer abs and arms workout. Intermediate

Animal Moves with Jaime McFaden
Total-Body Workout: Animal-inspired bodyweight exercises (including the bear crawl and frog hops) will get your heart rate up in this fun routine. Intermediate


It’s So Hard with Sultan Malik
Strength + Cardio: A boot camp-style class that works you hard with moves including lunges, mountain climbers, dynamic squats, and more. Beginner

Stair Climbing

Fire Up Those Glutes with Kelly Chase
Multi-Directional: This cardio stair routine includes glute-strengthening moves such as alternating kickbacks and side-step squats. Focus on the pop tracks and get ready to crush it! Advanced


Beast Mode Zone with Marianna Biribin
Run + Strength: You’ll start on the treadmill then move to the mat for some high-intensity exercise drills and finish with five minutes back on the machine. This pop playlist combo routine will help you build strength and improve your endurance. Intermediate

A Runner’s Journey with Marianna Biribin
Cardio Burn: If you’ve been jogging regularly and want to take your routine to the next level, this class will help you build your aerobic endurance. Beginner

Sprint For 7 with Meghan Takacs
Sprints: Here’s the deal, before you start this class take five minutes to warm up with a light jog. Then you’ll be ready to give it all you’ve got during this 7-minute sprint routine. Advanced


The Interval Challenge with Marianna Biribin
Intervals: Improve your cardiovascular endurance and build lower-body strength with this interval challenge that pushes the pace and the resistance. Intermediate

Hello HIIT! with Jessica Muenster
Resistance Intervals: Get your EDM on with this interval challenge. Alternate changing the resistance and the incline for a HIIT workout that will burn major calories. Advanced

Double Trouble Burn with Jaime McFaden
Hills + Arm Strength: Spike your heart rate, burn calories, and work your arm muscles with this challenging routine from Coach Jaime. Advanced


Oh My Backbends! with Jason Olson
Backbends: A focus on poses that will increase your flexibility and strengthen your lower body. Intermediate

Yoga For All Runners with Jason Olson
Vinyasa Flow: This rock-fueled flow will help strengthen your running muscles, reduce tightness, and improve flexibility. Beginners

All About Yoga Abs with Jason Olson
Core Strength: Oh hello abs! Get your flow on with abs focused poses and an uplifting pop playlist. Intermediate


Find Your Race Pace with Marianna Biribin
Steady-State Cardio: High-energy pop tracks will keep you motivated during this workout that teaches you how to maintain your race pace. The challenge is keeping this steady pace even as you get tired. Are you up for the challenge? Beginner

All Walking, All YOU! with Meghan Takacs
Walking + Power Walking: This 20-minute cardio routine will energize your entire day and improve your mood. Don’t get too comfortable because you’ll be changing it up every minute! Beginner

Quick Walk, Long Burn with Jaime McFaden
Beginner-Friendly: A killer pop playlist makes this short cardio routine fly by. Beginner

Indoor cycling

Light Tabata with Ben Green
Beginner HIIT: Prepare for a cardio journey! Coach Ben is going to push you to increase the intensity with intervals that gradually get harder as the work continues. Beginner

HIIT + Core Moves with Ben Green
Sprints + Planks: Push past your limit with tough sprint drills. You’ll end class with 5-minutes of abs-focused exercises off the bike. Are you ready to take the challenge? Intermediate

60-Second Intervals with Jessica Muenster
Intervals: Focus on your RPM’s during this EDM-inspired workout. 60-second speed intervals with gradually added resistance will test your endurance and your muscle strength. Intermediate


Meditation for Pain Management with Ceasar Barajas
This guided meditation focuses on ways to manage pain, both physical and mental.

Meditation for Motivation with Ceasar Barajas
This guided focuses on motivation…how to get some and hold on to it!

Find Compassion Walking Meditation with Ceasar Barajas
Relaxing Walk: This guided indoor/outdoor walking meditation focuses on how to cultivate love and how being more compassionate can improve your mental and physical health.

Want even more Aaptiv workout classes? Check out the batch of workouts we released last week.

* We are always working to improve the Aaptiv experience – which includes adding new content and replacing older content. If you don’t see a class you’re interested in, please reach out to for recommendations!



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