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How Meditation Can Benefit Workouts, Enhance Brain Power, and Strengthen Willpower

Can meditation really be this powerful?

To some, meditation involves sitting lotus style in a quiet room, to others it’s taking five minutes before getting out of bed to clear your mind and start the day. There is no set way to meditate, even many of the Aaptiv coaches have their own approaches or style of meditation.

However (no matter the execution), everyone can reap similar benefits from the mindful practice of meditation. The ability to clear your head and control your thoughts to create an image is a practice that can stimulate mental and physical characteristics in the body. Even monks have been doing meditation for a long period of time, and reaping all the benefits.

There is various research that supports the claim that meditation has a variety of health benefits in both enhancing brain power and strengthening willpower. It’s the idea of inner peace, calmness, and controlled breathing that plays a huge role in meditation.

Read on as we break down some of the many wonderful benefits that meditation can have on our body.

Strengthen Frontal Cortex

When you have attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder (ADHD), the brain signal in your frontal cortex is very weak. When that happens, you have problems focusing and concentrating. The National Institute of Health conducted a study that analyzed those with ADHD who practiced regular meditation. Of these study’s participants, most saw improvements around conflict detection and set-shifting. Additionally, the adults with ADHD had increased retention rates of 78% after implementing mindful practices and meditation.

Reduce Stress

When you meditate, it reduces your stress level by suppressing the adrenaline and other sympathetic components. When this occurs, the body’s blood pressure will regulate, and the onset of tension and mental anxiety will reduce. In fact, experts at the Mayo Clinic find that implementing meditation into our daily routines can limit the onset of conditions like: depression, sleep trauma, and tension migraines.

Create New Neurons

There was a research study conducted with monks who meditate daily and those that don’t. The scientist decided to use an MRI to compare the brain signals of monks with regular people. They found that monks tend to have more neurons and stronger brain connection and activity than the normal human brain, proving that daily meditation can have a significant impact on your brain health. Harvard University discovered that meditation can actually create neurons that help increase the ability to form and create memories, as well as promote thinking and thought process.

Increase Psychological Health

Mental issues are often caused by abnormal chemical signals in the brain and elevated stress. Through daily meditation your body is able to keep chemical signals well-regulated and reduce your onset stress level. Therefore, it will significantly decrease the probability of developing mental issues, such as depression, bipolar disorder, and other problems, from occurring. The National Institute of Health even suggests that psychotherapists study and embed meditation practices into their trainings and client treatment plans to see an increase in positive reactions and an increase in psychological health.

Stimulate Your Mood

Some people can have their mindset easily altered if triggered by a certain situation or interaction. In fact, some people can mentally fall apart when they’re hit by a certain obstacle in their life. Fortunately, meditation teaches us how to control our thoughts and emotions. That way, when outside (unavoidable) factors come into a daily routine, it won’t be that easy to provoke or onset a particular negative mood or behavior.

Help You Recover Faster From a Workout

After a strenuous workout your muscles become tense and sore. The thing that makes it difficult for someone to recover rapidly from a workout is constant stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep; this can severely hinder the recovery process. When you meditate, you’re more relaxed and relieved, because the release of endorphins in your body can dilate your blood vessels to promote blood flow to your body. This will promote healing and better sleep at night for faster recovery after the gym.

Entrepreneurs Do Better With Meditation

When you are an entrepreneur, one of the most difficult parts of the job is accepting failure and learning from your mistakes. There are times when projects don’t work out the way that they should. This is where the strength and willpower come into play to ensure that you don’t give up. Through daily meditation, you’re able to control your emotions and to think things through logically. Therefore, improving your confidence, well-being, and willpower.

Daily meditation plays a huge role in improving your workout, enhancing your brain power, and strengthening your willpower. The purpose is to control your breathing and mind, so we remain focused and in control. You can also reduce your stress level to help keep your brain signals well-balanced and to ensure that you have the utmost confidence throughout life. Overall, meditation is a highly recommended workout that can definitely change your life.

Tips to Mastering Meditation

Now that we know of the benefits, how can we conquer meditation practices and implement them into our daily routines? Below we list a few helpful suggestions to help our readers become skilled and knowledgeable in the art of meditation.

With the long list of benefits, it’s crazy to think that some of us carry out our daily routines without meditation. If you’re interested in pursuing meditation as a ritual or practice, try Aaptiv, which helps give you the guidance and tools you need to master the craft.

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