Introducing Rowing Workouts—Officially Live In-App Now!

It's finally time to get your row on with Aaptiv.

Attention anyone who wrote to us or shared a social post requesting Aaptiv rowing workouts: We have some good news for you. Rowing classes are officially live in-app!

Rowing is a dynamic, low-impact, full-body workout that tones and builds muscles in the upper body, lower body, and core. It’s a perfect cross train for runners, cyclists, and swimmers, and can actually serve as a quick cardio workout whenever you’re in a pinch. It’s truly an all-in-one experience. Needless to say, we’re ecstatic to add rowing workouts to Aaptiv’s other effective workout categories.

With the help of your favorite Aaptiv trainers, we created 12 new rowing workouts available now. These classes cover everything from the very basics of technique and mechanics to challenging HIIT and endurance-based intervals. So, whether you’re completely new to the rowing machine or a seasoned row pro, you’ll get an effective, all-over workout.

Keep reading to find out more about this week’s inaugural rowing workouts and check the app each week as we continue to add more. Also, look out for more rowing articles on the blog this week to answer any questions you have about rowing workouts and the machine itself.

From beginner to expert level workouts, we have it all. View the best workouts in app today.

Aaptiv Rowing Workouts

Rowing 101 with Ed H.
Beginner Endurance Row: Get comfortable on the rowing machine with this beginner level workout. You’ll gradually build endurance and core strength as you work through this quick 101 class.

Rock ‘N’ Row with Candice C.
Intermediate Endurance Row: Build endurance and strength with this rowing workout set to rock hits. After a warm up, work through three rounds of steadier state, longer intervals designed to test your muscular and cardiovascular strength.

Form In A Row with Candice C.
Intermediate Interval Rowing: It’s all about form in this rowing workout. Keep the resistance low and work through longer, slower intervals as you’re guided through basic rowing mechanics.

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Low Impact, High Heartrate Candice C.
Intermediate Interval Rowing: Push through three rounds of rowing intervals designed to build strength and endurance. Your core, arms, and legs will all feel the burn as you keep your heart rate up through the class.

Ready, Set, Row! With Candice C.
Beginner Steady Rowing: Start your rowing journey with this lesson on proper form. You’ll get familiar with your machine and build rowing confidence.

Open Water Row with Ed H.
Advanced Interval Rowing: Challenge your aerobic engine with this rowing and strength combination workout. Alternate between intervals on the machine that will test your maximum effort and body weight exercises, such as planks.

Row That Body with Ed H.
Beginner Circuit Rowing: Focus on those SPM (strokes per minute) throughout this beginner rowing class. Start with a HIIT-style warmup before switching to a more steady row until you cool down with arms-only rowing.

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Pyramid Row with Ed H.
Intermediate Interval Rowing: Work up and down both sides of a pyramid structure. You’ll focus on steady rowing with gradual effort increases and decreases to practice metabolic conditioning.

No Place I’d Rather Row with Ed H.
Advanced Interval Rowing: Build overall strength and endurance with this challenging rowing workout. Work through rounds of speed intervals at max effort and steadier, endurance-based pushes.

Row Zones with Rochelle M.
Intermediate HIIT Rowing: Work through four rowing zones with varying SPM limits for a fast-paced class focused on HIIT and endurance. You’ll gradually increase and decrease effort as you switch zones (one is easiest, four is hardest) quickly for a full body workout.

Classic Rock Row with Rochelle M.
Beginner HIIT Rowing: Get comfortable with HIIT-based rowing in this beginner workout. Push through varying effort levels and SPM (strokes per minute) to keep your heart rate up and your endurance building.

Quick Work Row with Rochelle M.
Intermediate Endurance Rowing: After a warmup, work through minute-long intervals to build endurance and strength. Stay in zones one and two for an intermediate row perfect for a warm up or a quick burst of work.

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