How Heart Rate Monitors Can Enhance Your Workouts and Recovery

Any athlete or a person who works out often knows that training intensity affects your heart rate. Basically, the heavier and more intense you train, the higher your heart rate will increase.

When you’re training, your muscles start working extra hard, and so, they demand extra oxygen. Your heart responds by pumping faster than normal to deliver oxygen to your muscles.

Measuring your heart rate during a training session has become a popular method among athletes, even trainers recommend using it. Exercising with a heart rate monitor can help enhance your fitness levels and improve your training experience overall.

However, you need to fully understand how to use a heart monitor in a workout session effectively. With this helpful guide below, you’ll understand the benefits of a heart rate monitor as well as how they can enhance your workouts.

How they work

Heart rate monitors are like a gauge to measure your heart rate while working out. It gives you immediate feedback by showing you how hard you’re working out, when you need to push yourself, and when you need to stop and not overdo it.

There are many ways to track your heart rate using a variety of monitors. The basic ones can give you immediate ECG feedback by measuring your heart through a transmitter placed on your chest.

According to, using a heart rate monitor not only tracks your heart activity, saves the report on its mobile app, but also you can share it with your doctor as well. Other monitors, which are more popular to use, are in the form of a wrist watch, or a sports band, for easier monitoring as you train.

Benefits of heart rate monitors

Using a heart rate monitor means that you’re exercising safely; it will prevent you from pushing yourself so hard and possibly burning yourself out. On the other hand, it will also push you to improve yourself by working hard if your heart rate can handle it.

It will motivate you even more because it tracks your progress, gives you detailed reports on past training sessions, and relays how many calories you’ve burned. A heart rate monitor is also highly beneficial for those with heart conditions.

Your doctor will recommend you wear one to keep track of your heart rate and blood pressure. It can also inform you of any irregular heart activity.

Using heart rate monitors to enhance training

You can make the most of your workout by using a heart rate monitor and understanding the rates you should reach to push your heart in a controlled manner.

Wearing a heart rate monitor during your workout can be a constant and reliable feedback method to show you how or if you’re improving.Figure out what your maximum heart rate is on your own or let the device estimate it for you.

In order to calculate it, use this simple equation: (0.7 x your age) – 208. So, if you’re 30 years old, your maximum heart rate would be 187 BPM.  For a low-intensity cardio session, you should only reach about 50-60% of your maximum heart rate, and that’s ideal for weight loss.

A medium-intensity session should require you to reach around 70-80%, by then you’ll be improving your fitness levels drastically. A high-intensity session can go as high as 90%, but only if you’re a professional. By watching your rate, you can understand when to slow down or keep going.

You can also monitor your progress for maximum efficiency and adjusting your workout plan. If you notice that your heart rate isn’t increasing during a specific workout, then it’s time to increase the intensity of your training and choose a different type of workout plan. A heart rate monitor is also helpful in the recovery post training session by cooling down the right way.

Consider the heart rate monitor, your own personal coach and life saver. A heart rate monitor is great for keeping track of your health, your fitness level, and it’s ideal to know when to push yourself and when you must stop so as not to burn yourself out.

A heart rate monitor can also save you if any irregular activity occurs. Check out what’s available in the market, consult your doctor or a personal trainer, and pick one that’s right for you and the workout regimen you’re on.



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