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Sunburn: What You Should Know

Working out in summer is great but you know what isn't? Sunburn. Here's what you need to know to stay safe.

Do I Really Need to Walk 10,000 Steps per Day?

Trackers at the ready! We're all tallying up our activity these days but do you really need to log 10,000 steps to stay healthy?

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Rest Days

Turns out rest days may be the key to reaching your fitness goals.

Working Out on Your Lunch Break Can Make You More Productive

Time for some lunch break lunges! Research shows a sweat session during the work day pays off.

Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight?

Is Alcohol Ruining Your Weight Loss? Science Says No, Sort Of

Tips All Weight Loss Coaches Tell Their Clients

Many people worldwide seek to lose a little bit of excess weight, to the point where the diet and we...

Great Tips on How to Look for a Perfect Gym Buddy

They say any time spent working out and getting into shape is time wisely spent, and that’s pretty...

7 Ways to Never Miss a Morning Workout Again

We asked the experts how they *actually* get up and out for a morning workout.

Should I Be Doing Two-a-Days?

Thinking about doing two-a-days? Here's what you need to know if you want to work out multiple times a day.

Will Cardio Help Me Lose Weight?

When the goal is to lose weight and get in shape, is performing cardio enough? We weigh in.

Four Scientific Reasons Why Exercise Makes You Feel So Good

Yet another reason to exercise? Yep. How about four more reasons!

Keeping Your Senior Parents Healthy Mentally And Physically

Now it's your turn.

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