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8 Heart-Healthy Habits You Can Start Today

Proactive steps to achieve optimal heart health.

Back to School, Back to Healthy Daily Routines

Here's to an energizing, productive, and healthy school year ahead.

7 Healthy Ways to Fight the Winter Blues

While we can’t do much to change the weather, there are other changes that you can make in your life that can lessen the symptoms of the winter blues so that it can make getting through winter all that much easier.

How Cannabis-Based Medicine Is Changing Lives

Every day we hear about how cannabis-based medication is either changing or outright saving lives.

Why Workout Music will Help You Crush Your Workouts

You’ve scheduled a hardcore gym session tonight, but you really don’t feel the love. A great sol...

How You Can Become a Morning Workout Person – Yes, You!

Wondering how to work out in the morning? Read on!

An Organic Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

Health is wealth. When your body is healthy, your mind benefits, as well. Thankfully, you don’t ha...

Small Diet and Exercise Swaps That Will Help You Create a Calorie Deficit (Without Even Noticing!)

There’s no way around it; if you want to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you ...

Swap Out Your Scale for a Tape Measure

Learn how to use a tape measure to more accurately track your fat loss.

How to Transition from a Summer to Fall Mindset

Season changes can be tricky to adapt to. Here's how to make the transition easier.

7 Habits to Avoid Lower Back Pain

Follow these expert tips to stop lower back pain from being part of your day to day.

5 Myths and Facts About Metabolism That You Need to Know

Can spicy food really help speed up your metabolism? Are you stuck at your weight because of a slow metabolism? Experts break it down.


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