How To Get A Full Body Workout With VR

Everyone is supposed to carry out some daily exercises to remain healthy and fit. Some common exercises include jogging, weightlifting, riding, walking, playing soccer among others. These traditional exercises are important, but most of them are tedious and boring. Other exercises such as weightlifting and boxing are inaccessible to many people since gyms are not available in remote areas. Furthermore, you have to pay for a gym membership to access the facility.

Sometimes you can have a busy work schedule and you might not find time to workout. Some people might consider a workout as time wasted. However, studies show that people who exercise daily have a lower risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. The cost of managing cardiovascular diseases is high and it is recommended to take at least a 15 minutes daily workout.

If time is a constraint, go for energy intensive full body workouts because they burn a lot of calories within a few minutes. The exercises for several major muscles simultaneously while producing a lot of energy. Workouts keep you physically fit by strengthening your biceps and other muscles in your legs and core. Most people who exercise regularly have a good body posture and figure.

Full body workout with VR

Nowadays, you don’t need a gym to carry out your daily workout. You can purchase your VR tools and exercise in your room. It sounds odd, but it works. In fact, you can shed a significant amount of unwanted fats using this technology. This kind of workout is cheaper as compared to paying a gym each month because you just buy the necessary tools once and you don’t need a personal trainer. VR requires a small amount of space to do your exercise and you can do it in your house.


You need some gadgets to interact with a virtual environment. The most important item is the VR goggles. The goggles you enable you to see virtual objects in real time. However, the goggles can’t be helpful if you don’t have the software. When I say software I mean VR games. Not all VR games can help you exercise. Virtual reality workout games have been designed to target muscles in various parts of your body. Ensure you have VR games that target your lower body, core and upper body to get better results. Some common VR workout games include: Thrill of the Fight, Fastest Fist, VirZOOM Arcade, Hotsquat, and Bitslap.

You will also need an empty room for carrying out your exercises. Avoid rooms with slippery tiles or carpets since you can slip and get an injury. Rough floors are also bad because you can get some nasty bruises if you accidentally slip. You should avoid rooms with tables, chairs, and cutlery or sharp objects because they will hinder your movement and you can get injured. A room has a smaller space as compared to an open field. Therefore, it is advisable to ask someone to watch you as you do your exercises. The person should ensure that you are always at the center of the room to avoid hitting the wall, windows or doors.

How to exercise

Just like traditional exercises, you are supposed to dedicate some time for VR exercises. In this article, we will show you how to get a full body workout with VR in your house. Start with simple exercises for beginners before moving to advanced games for pro players. You should exercise all the seven days a week to shed additional weight. Workouts keep you physically fit while maintaining your body shape. The main advantage of a virtual environment is that you can’t get physical injuries since you don’t hit real objects. You should alternate light exercises with vigorous exercises to avoid getting tired. It is recommended that you target each part of the body to achieve a full body workout.


You can start by working your upper body and lower body. The perfect VR game for this exercise is Bitslap. The game involves hitting cubes that randomly appear in the virtual environment. The cubes appear quickly and you have to react faster to keep up. The upper body is worked when you punch the cubes. The exercise also increases your heartbeat and breathing, thus improves your circulation. When you squat to hit lower cubes, your lower body is worked simultaneously. This game provides you with High-Intensity Interval Training exercise. It is recommended that you do the exercise for about four minutes with a 10 second break after each 20 seconds of play.


Probably you will be having muscle pain in the upper body due to vigorous exercise on Monday. You can workout your lower body with the help of VirZOOM Arcade game. This game involves indoor biking adventure. You need an exercise bike with a heart-rate monitor and controls which will enable you to interact with the virtual environment.


Exercise your upper body using Thrill of the Fight VR game. This boxing game is calorie intense and it is perfect for individuals who want to shed some weight. It involves throwing punches in an attempt to defeat your virtual opponent. This exercise makes your biceps stronger and eliminates fatty cells. It also works your brain since it requires you to make decisions and react instantly to defeat the opponent.


Work out your legs and upper body using BOXVR. This challenging game will enable you to get the right body shape without straining. The game challenges you to play faster by providing a pumping rhythm. If you are a newbie, you can play the beginner level of the game to exercise. The advantage of playing this game is that it comes with training modules for both beginners and advanced players.


Play a more vigorous game on Friday. TOTF is an energy intensive game that requires you to warm up before playing. The game requires you to down your virtual partner. This is not an easy task since you have to overpower a stronger partner. The game requires endurance and excess energy to blow the opponents. You should play this game for about one hour to fully workout your upper body.


Play Fastest Fist boxing game on Saturday. This game will make you move all round while punching your opponent. This game has been compared to tennis since it enables you to workout the upper body. This game will enable you to eliminate a lot of calories in a single day. You can play for a long period of time since it is a weekend. However, you should have regular breaks between each session to avoid getting fatigue.


On Sunday you can go for a simple VR game called Holopoint. This game involves shooting arrows at various targets such as blue virtual demons. These objects also shoot back when they are hit hence you have to shoot faster to win the game. This game enables you to workout your upper body without leaving your house.

The only way to remain healthy and fit is to carry out daily exercises and have a balanced diet. VR technology is not only for entertainment, but it can also be used for daily workouts. You can use VR technology with energy intensive games such as Fastest Fist and VirZOOM Arcade to exercise. It is recommended to exercise daily while alternating simple games and advanced games to avoid fatigue. VR workouts are perfect for people with tight work schedules and those living in neighborhoods without a gym or a jogging trail. Like traditional exercises, this technology can help you workout your upper body, lower body, core and achieve cardio training. It is advisable to consume a low calorie diet to get better results.



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