Strength Training

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5 Exercise Modifications to Alleviate Wrist Pain

Here are some easy modifications you can make to common exercises that cause wrist pain.

8 Signs That Your Bench Press Form Is Incorrect

To master the perfect bench press, cut out these simple yet harmful mistakes.

How to Safely Practice Strength Training With Osteoporosis

If you have osteoporosis, weight-bearing exercise is one of the best ways to strengthen your bones and prevent injury.

6 Fitness Tests to Gauge Your Overall Progress

Try these six challenging exercise tests to find out how fit you really are.

Resistance Bands 101: Why You Need Them and Where to Start

Your favorite new gym accessory comes with a slew of benefits.

Does Rowing Count as Cardio?

It's great for muscular strength and endurance, but how does rowing stack up against other cardio machines?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Working Out on a Rowing Machine

Follow these guidelines to master the toning, calorie torching machine.

How to Set Up a Rowing Machine

The basics of positioning yourself on the machine, choosing your resistance, and prepping for a killer workout

Rowing 101: Everything You Need to Know to Row

It's the underappreciated, low-impact, total body workout you should be doing.

The 5 Best Strength Training Exercises for Beginners

Experts weigh in on where to start, how to build strength, and how to avoid injury.

Does Strength Training or HIIT Training Make You Bulky?

Afraid working your muscles will make them bulk up? Fear no more, we've got answers!

Why Do I Feel Like I’m Going to Throw Up After a Workout?

Sweaty limbs, sore muscles, and...nausea? Exploring the sick feeling we sometimes get post-workout.


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