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Find Out Answers to Your Fitness and Pregnancy Q’s!

We tackled your most common pregnancy and fitness questions.

Pregnancy brings with it a lot of questions, but rest assured, you’re not alone in asking many of them! We’ve gathered expert answers to some of your most common questions around fitness and pregnancy. Read on for more information.

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1. How do I know the workouts are safe for me? How do I start the program? Is exercise safe during pregnancy?

It’s important to discuss exercise with your obstetrician or another member of your health care team before starting any new exercise program. In most cases, exercise is safe during pregnancy. You will usually find it is even recommended. Typically, if you were physically active before you were pregnant, it is likely safe to remain active during pregnancy. More than likely, your healthcare provider will tell you to remain active, as long as it is comfortable and there are no other health conditions suggesting otherwise.

2. Will I need equipment?

Most of the cardio classes in the Aaptiv pregnancy program are done on a treadmill, however, if you do not have access to a treadmill you can always take those classes outdoors, just modify the workout.

3. What are the benefits of exercise during pregnancy?

Here are just a few:

4. What changes occur in the body during pregnancy that can affect my exercise routine?

Your body goes through many changes during pregnancy, from hormonal and emotional to downright physical. The below are a few things that will change or feel different when engaging in physical activity while pregnant.

5. What precautions should I take when exercising during pregnancy?

There are a few precautions that pregnant women should keep in mind during exercise:

6. Are there any specific situations that might arise during pregnancy during which you should not workout at all?

Yes, you should absolutely NOT exercise during pregnancy if you experience or have been diagnosed with any of the following:

If you’re experiencing or have been diagnosed with the following conditions, you should get clearance from your doctor before attempting to exercise:

7. Are there any situations that might arise during pregnancy that would require me to stop working out?

Yes, if any of the following conditions arise during your pregnancy you should stop exercising immediately and speak to your doctor:


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