Core Blast and Other New Classes Live Now!

Ready, set, push play!

Work on your core this week with Core Blast, a quick, bodyweight strength class with Aaptiv Trainer Amanda Butler. Or, give indoor cycling a try with Hillalicious, a hilly ride with our newest Aaptiv Trainer Jeimy Bueno.

Indoor Cycling

Party Hard! With Jeimy B.
Intervals: It is all about the party—the breathless party! You’ll have 10 pushes in this ride to drive the resistance and rock the beat to breathless!

Hillalicious with Jeimy B.
Hills: You love hills? You want to get breathless? This class is for you. Improve your leg strength and lung capacity with eight hills and sixteen pushes. Get ready for the ride of your life!

Bike Foundations with John T.
Intervals: Learn how to set up and ride an indoor cycling bike with this beginner, beat-based cycling workout. After you learn how to set up your bike, you’ll ride to the beat, learn how to ride out of the saddle for short amounts of time, and finish with light intervals.

Strength Training

Look Alive with Amanda B.
Full Body + Weights + HIIT: This total body strength workout will leave you feel strong and empowered. Combine strength exercises with cardio HIIT blasts in between sets to spike your heart rate.

The Gun Show with Kenta S.
Upper Body + Weights: This dumbbell workout is all about your arms. Work through four circuits to tone your arms and build upper body strength.

Upper Body Sizzle with Ackeem E.
Upper Body + Weights: This is a sizzling upper body routine. There are three circuits of work, each with four movements to exhaust your upper body. Each circuit will isolate different parts of your upper body, leaving no muscle untouched.

Core Blast with Amanda B.
Core: This quick, 8-minute core blast is a great workout to tag onto the end of your cardio workout. Building a strong core is not only essential for correct posture, but it will also enhance your workout performance. Click play and let’s go!

The 100 Squat Challenge with Kenta S.
Lower Body: Perform 100 Squats, divided into sets of 10, 20, 30, and 40. You’ll have a given amount of time to perform each set. Get your game face on and push play!

Booty Gains with Kenta S.
Lower Body + Weights: It is all about those booty gains! Build and tone your booty using dumbbells and bodyweight exercises. You’ll have four circuits of four exercises that are guaranteed to get your buns on fire. Pair this class with an upper body strength or cardio class for a full body workout.


We Are Gonna Rock with Jaime M.
Intervals: This 15-minute beginner treadmill workout will get your heart pumping and ready for your next workout. This is an excellent workout to prepare your legs and lungs for more cardio or a rocking warm up for a short strength workout afterwards.

800-Meter Test with Rochelle M.
Speed Work: This class is designed to help you run your fastest half mile! Use it every 2 to 4 weeks to retest your 800-meter sprint pace.

Proper Progression with Rochelle M.
Endurance: This workout is all about building your endurance through five 5-minute progressions. The goal is to stay mentally focused during these progression intervals and have a smooth transition into the next set. This will workout will help build up endurance and lung capacity.

One Mile Warmup with Rochelle M.
Endurance: This is a quick one mile warmup to prep for your workout. This class can be used on its own or combined with another class to burn maximum calories.

Time to Work with Ackeem E.
Intervals + Incline: This is a sprint-focused pyramid with slower speeds on an incline. As the speeds increase, the time and incline decreases. This is an efficient workout alone or an excellent complement to a core or strength workout.

Speedy Squats with Ackeem E.
Lower Body + Sprint: You only need 10 minutes for this class! This short advanced treadmill workout combines sprints and bodyweight squats.

Boogie on that Tread with John T.
Intervals: This beat-based treadmill run is divided into two sections. After the warm up, you’ll have two songs of endurance running, followed by two songs of sprints.

Outdoor Running

Outdoor Opportunities with Jaime M.
Intervals: This outdoor workout moves between, jogging intervals, running intervals, and bodyweight exercises. The word of this workout is opportunities.


Get Your Stretch On with Amanda B.
Full Body: These dynamic and effective stretches are perfectly curated to help you recover post workout. Taking the time to cool down properly yields major benefits such as injury prevention, increased flexibility, and most importantly, it keeps you performing at your best.

Smooth Shoulders with Nicole S.
Upper Body: How well do your shoulders work independently of your rib cage, spine, and neck? There is a good chance they are working all together, but a healthy set of shoulders should move independently of its surrounding joints. Take the next 10 minutes to explore, move, and take care of your shoulder girdle with this stretching class. They will thank you!


Birds of a Feather with Nicole S.
Vinyasa Flow + Equipment: This is a longer practice that gives the opportunity to prepare for arm balances. Whether you get into them or not is irrelevant—the prep work is more important that the destination. Let’s attempt to fly and have some fun along the way! You’ll need yoga blocks for this class.

The 15-Minute Flow with Nicole S.
Vinyasa Flow + Equipment: We get it. You’re doing so much and every little bit counts. Let this 15-minute flow move you, challenge you, restore you, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. You’ll be in and out in just 15 minutes.


Love Me Some Hills with Jeimy B.
Incline: Do you love hills? We do! You have one block of work and nine opportunities to increase your leg power. Ride and rock on high resistance in each opportunity and leave this workout feeling stronger then ever!

Better Today with Jaime M.
Intervals: In this efficient workout you’ll reach max resistance and max incline at least once. You have twelve minutes and four songs to be better today than yesterday. Let’s work!

Fast and Powerful with Jeimy B.
Intervals: This elliptical workout is all about increasing your speed and feeling powerful! The resistance will come in hot, so get ready to fire up your legs with this fast and powerful elliptical run.

Legs on Tempo with Jeimy B.
Intervals: This elliptical workout is designed to refine your tempo speed with resistance and seven big opportunities to work hard. You’ll push and get lost in the beat of the music. Work hard and play hard in this class!

Build Your House with John T.
Intervals + Multidirectional: Test your strength with this advanced, beat-based elliptical workout. You’ll aim to keep up with the tempo and move in reverse in this short, but sweet sweat session.

Stride and Strength with John T.
Intervals + Full Body: This advanced elliptical and strength training workout is divided into two sections. You’ll move to the beat on the elliptical for six songs, then hop off to do squat jumps and core work for the last two songs.



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