Celebrate Daily With the #ConfettiEveryDay Challenge

Make that confetti rain all month long with our new 30-day challenge.

As we ring in another new year, we know you might be hearing a lot about this “new you” and you’re probably wondering, “who’s that?” This year, instead of focusing on a newer version of you, focus on who you are right now. Celebrate yourself every day this month with Aaptiv’s Confetti Every Day January challenge.

The goal is simple: move every day. Don’t get us wrong, this is still a fitness challenge and still involves hard work. But you can resolve to challenge yourself and celebrate yourself every single day.

We’ve made it especially easy to earn that daily confetti with 30 workouts under 15 minutes. From sprints to stretches to strength, these classes cover every aspect of a quality fitness routine so you can make progress worth celebrating all-over. If anything is too easy or you’re looking for a longer workout, simply substitute or add another Aaptiv class. As long as you’re challenging yourself, you’re earning that confetti.

If you’re curious why we’re not focused on a “new you,” well, you can thank yourselves for that. We recently asked you to share the things you love about yourselves and you deserve to be celebrated. You’re parents determined to set good examples for your kids, you’re students fitting in workouts between school and full-time jobs, and you’re members still fighting to reach your goals despite numerous setbacks. You’re resilient, determined, and continue to show up for workouts even when you don’t want to—and that’s reason enough for confetti every day.

Start celebrating yourself today with the Confetti Every Day challenge live in-app now! And don’t forget to share sweaty selfies and screenshots of your confetti with #ConfettiEveryDay.

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