Cardio Workouts You’ll Actually Want to Do

Hills, intervals, sprints—oh my!

Treadmill workouts are a great way to log your cardio for the week, and if you’ve tried an Aaptiv treadmill routine, you know they are definitely not boring.

To keep your routine extra fresh, we’re releasing seven all-new treadmill workouts this week from your favorite Aaptiv coaches. Check them out below, along with the rest of the new classes, and get ready to find your new favorite workout!


Bring That Heat with Jaime McFaden
Walking Intervals: Walk it out to DJ hits and increasing inclines that target your lower-body muscles. Beginner

Heart All The Way Up with Ed Hall
Advanced Intervals: You got this! Improve your endurance and run faster with this challenging class. After a quick warm up you’ll move into speed work and a slight incline. Then you’ll move into a jogging tempo and gradually increase the speed and incline. Advanced

Sprints + Strength with Ben Green
Intermediate Running + Strength Training: This class is designed to make you work! Your heart rate will be soaring and your muscles will be feeling the burn thanks to planks, side planks, squats, and push-ups. Intermediate

Working For The Hills with Meghan Takacs
Intermediate Hills: Discover the speed-improving power of hill repeats with this electronic pop workout. You’ll work and recover on a steep incline to improve both muscular and cardiovascular strength. Intermediate

Run + Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone with Marianna Biribin
Advanced Sprints: This treadmill class is all about speed. You’ll get your legs accustomed to faster paces and build your overall VO2 max with an awesome pop soundtrack. Advanced

Amp It Up For 30 with Jaime McFaden
Intermediate Intervals: On today’s agenda—alternating intervals of sprints and hills! Intermediate

Power Up With Intervals with Jaime McFaden
Intermediate: After a short warm-up you’ll be alternating between hill inclines and jogging (or power walking) all set to a pop and dance hits playlist. Intermediate

Strength Training

Butt, Back, And Legs In 15 with Marianna Biribin
Lower Body: This routine is all about strengthening your posterior chain (the muscles that run along the back of your body). You’ll work up a sweat with two short circuits before ending with a 2-minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of single-leg bridges and squat jumps. Advanced

Strong21 with Troy Brooks
Beginner Full Body: Build a solid base with this intro class that focuses on explaining form of fundamental exercises that you’ll use in future Aaptiv classes. Light weights needed, hip hop playlist. Beginner

Fast Burn with Troy Brooks
Intermediate Legs + Plyos: Coach Troy takes you through a lower-body scorcher with this bodyweight class that focuses on building strength in your legs with targeted moves and explosive power through plyometric cardio exercises. Intermediate

Inner Drive with Erin Sanders
Advanced Full Body: There are 2 circuits with 4 moves each, and you’ll perform each move for 50 seconds on/10 seconds off. You’ll need a set of dumbbells for this routine. Advanced


Warm It Up With Sultan with Sultan Malik
Full-Body Warm Up: Let’s get the muscles moving and heart pumping. Warming up before a workout will help prep you for a more efficient training session.

7-Minute Quick Hits

Add It On with Sultan Malik
Beginner Cardio Circuits: Quick class, quick burn. This beginner routine focuses on 20-second movements that will keep your energy levels soaring as you work up a sweat. Beginner


Afternoon Moment Of Serenity with Ceasar Barajas
Find your midday Zen with this guided meditation for all levels. Think of this class as your friendly reminder to bring calmness to a chaotic day. All Levels

Indoor Cycling

Discover Your Zone with Jessica Muenster
Beginner Basics: This class is all about learning the basics of indoor cycling. You’ll learn proper form and hand placement on the bike as well as how to train in different RPMs and zones. Beginner

Pop Pedal Power Hits with Kelly Chase
Intermediate Intervals: You’ll push the speed, crank up the resistance, and climb. You’ll get breathless doing jump work and you’ll discover more speed with sprints. This 30-minute advanced class does it all. Intermediate

Get Your Ride On with Ben Green
Intermediate Endurance: This high-energy pop class has three rounds. The first round focuses on 3-minute long intervals. Round 2 increases the length to 5-minutes, then the final round is a 10-minute endurance push to the end. Intermediate


Pure Sweat Mode with Jessica Muenster
Intermediate Intervals: The goal of this class is to get comfortable with peddling forward and backward at matching inclines, resistances, and speeds. It may feel a bit awkward or challenging at first, but Coach Jessica will guide you through it so you can tackle future workouts with even more intensity. Intermediate

Focus, Push, Soar with Candice Cunningham
Beginner Endurance: Climb to a steady pace then lock it in and stick with it for the rest of the class, even as resistance increases. Beginner

Outdoor Running + Walking

Start With Sprinting with Jessica Muenster
Intermediate Sprints: The longest sprint in this class is 40 seconds and you can definitely pick up your pace and really push it for those 40 seconds. There is time to recover with walking after each sprint interval, trust. This routine is perfect for the regular jogger who wants to ease into a sprinting workout. Intermediate

Walk Into The Spotlight with Jaime McFaden
Themed Walking + Jogging Intervals: This themed beginner’s class is all songs from the “Careless Whisper” pop superstar. Beginner

Work That Fitness with Ben Green
Beginner Jogging Intervals: Bumping pop beats and quick jogging intervals will keep your spirits soaring while working to improve your fitness. Beginner

Bring The Fire with Candice Cunningham
Advanced Tempo: You’ll build up to a fast run then hold on to a difficult tempo pace before ending with a sprint to the finish. Get ready to challenge yourself and have some sweaty fun! Advanced

Run The World with Meghan Takacs
Beginner Intervals: Switch up your normal routine with a series of intervals that combine running, jogging, sprinting, and walking. You’ll love the pop-heavy playlist and the self-confidence that comes from pushing yourself to run faster. Beginner


Find Your Warrior Flow with Jena Maenius
Beginner Vinyasa: The warrior poses are a keystone of a yoga practice. Build stability and functional strength in your lower body with this warrior-focused flow. Beginner

Sweep Away Stress with Jena Maenius
De-Stress With Yoga: Unwind with yoga. Side bends help release tension and clear your mind after a busy day. Beginner

Stair Climbing

Step Game Strong with Kelly Chase
Cardio + Strength: Improve your endurance and strengthen your butt, hips, and thigh muscles with this creative cardio routine. Advanced

Fall In Love With Stairs with Candice Cunningham
Beginner HIIT: So you want to try a stair-climbing workout but you have no idea what you’re doing? This class is the one for you! Coach Candice will take you through the benefits of this training style, as well as proper form, so you can fall in love with a new type of cardio routine. Beginner

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