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Guys: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Annual Physical

A physician shares all the important reasons guys need to go to the doctor.

How Much Exercise Do I Need to Lower My Blood Pressure?

Here’s the daily movement prescription to keep your blood pressure at a healthy level.

How Can I Maintain a Caloric Deficit Without Feeling Hungry?

Fixating on a daily calorie count could do more harm than good.

Are My Soft Running Shoes Hurting My Feet?

Unpacking the technology and physiology behind this common runner’s question.

How Older Adults Can Fight Sarcopenia With Exercise

And why it’s crucial to build muscle mass by 30.

Will Running on the Ketogenic Diet Improve Performance?

Find out how this low-carb diet really impacts runners.

Why Do My Feet Fall Asleep While I’m Running?

Run through this checklist to keep your feet and toes awake.

How to Find the Best Running Shoes for You

The definitive guide to finding kicks that keep up with your stride.

In What Order Should I Cross Train?

The two basic rules you need to know to optimize any full-body workout regime

The Reality of Staying Active With Fibromyalgia

Two athletes share their stories of learning to thrive with the chronic illness.

How to Set Up a Rowing Machine

The basics of positioning yourself on the machine, choosing your resistance, and prepping for a killer workout

Rowing 101: Everything You Need to Know to Row

It's the underappreciated, low-impact, total body workout you should be doing.


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