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3 Low-Calorie Session Cocktail Recipes to Try

These low-ABV refreshers are perfect for sipping without throwing you off your game.

The Key to Running Without Any Injuries? Chill Out

New research sheds light on why perfectionists can be more prone to injury.

What Exactly Is Heat Exhaustion and How Do I Prevent It?

How to stay safe while pushing yourself under the sun this summer.

Should I Race in Different Shoes Than I Train In?

Optimize your footwear without straining your lower body.

How to Deal With Stray Dogs While Running Outdoors

Dog experts explain how to handle an encounter with an unknown canine.

How to Gain Strength On Your Non-Dominant Side

There’s nothing wrong with being slightly asymmetric, but it’s still worth working your weak side.

Is Your Headphone Volume Too Loud?

Ear doctors sound off on the prevalence of hazardous listening habits.

Food Sustainability 101: How to Do It and Why It Matters

Our diets strain the global agricultural system and cause pollution. Here’s how you can help change that.

Should I Weigh Myself Every Day?

The pros and cons of staying on top of your most personal metric.

How to Prevent Shin Splints and Other Shin Pain

Identifying and treating the varied causes of shin pain is more complicated than it seems.

The Breakfasts of (Actual) Champions

Nine world-class athletes share their morning grub routines.

How to Run in the Rain

Being at your best in nature’s worst conditions only makes you stronger.


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