Bring the Fire and Other New Classes Live Now!

Recover from the holiday celebrations with an Aaptiv workout.

This week, all you need is your phone and some headphones to find out what the “Friendship Pace” is all about with Aaptiv Trainer Katie Horwitch. Or, learn The Secret to Success with Aaptiv Trainer John Thornhill.

Outdoor Running

Easy Breezy with Wes P.
Conversational Pace: This 40-minute conversational pace run is an opportunity to assess your current mileage at this pace. Use it as a benchmark six to eight weeks later.

Staying Positive with Rochelle B.
Endurance: The goal of this workout is to maintain a conversational pace for 50 minutes and build endurance. You’ll work on technique and how to maintain your form when you’re getting tired during a race.

Move Your Feet with Katie H.
Walk + Jog: The goal of this class is simple: just move! The right way to move is with any movement that feels good in your body. Alternate between walking and jogging over the course of five songs. This class is perfect for walking warriors who want to build up to a run, avid runners who want to get back to basics, and everyone in between.

Katie’s Friendship Pace with Katie H.
Endurance: Find out what “Friendship Pace” is all about and build your endurance in this 40-minute outdoor run. This steady-state fun run is separated into three rounds, in which you’ll walk, jog, and run. You’ll layer in quick bursts of speed while moving to the music. This class is all about togetherness, support, and knowing that no matter what, you’ve got someone that’s got your back!

What Makes You Stronger with Rochelle B.
Endurance: The goal of this workout is to maintain a conversational pace for 1 hour and 40 minutes to build endurance.

John’s Friendship Pace Run with John T.
Endurance: Find out what “Friendship Pace” is all about and build your endurance in this 30-minute outdoor run. Start with a warm up walk or jog, then progress slowly and start layering on your speed until you reach a comfortable conversational pace. You have three songs throughout the workout where you move with the music to pick up your speed.


Simple & Satisfied with Jaime M.
Intervals: This five-track workout is a combination of power walks and jogging opportunities. Take this as a workout and or adapt it for a recovery day. Remind yourself that everything does not need to be super complicated, sometimes simple is the best strategy!

Power Up with Rochelle B.
Tempo: Slowly progress your tempo duration throughout the class. This workout will help you build speed and stamina, so you can move your legs faster and with more power.

Intervals & Arms with Ackeem E.
Full Body + Dumbbells + Intervals: This cross-training workout is a combination of upper body strength moves and sprints on the treadmill.

Strength for Your Life with John T.
Intervals: Build your strength in this all levels treadmill workout. Progress through 10 songs of work. You’ll have four songs of steady pace, three songs of walking, and three songs of speed. Are you ready to become a stronger runner?

Cross-Training Blast with Mary O.
Full Body + Incline: Start on the treadmill and end on the floor in this cross-training workout. You’ll have 10 minutes of a sweat incline, then you’ll hop off the treadmill and into a circuit of bodyweight exercises to finish off!

Confident Strides with John T.
Intervals: This treadmill workout has three different blocks of work. After a 6-minute warm up, you’ll have 20 minutes where you move between hard energy pushes and walks to recover. End with a 6-minute steady pace run to finish.


Aim and Adapt with Jaime M.
Intervals: This lengthy and interval-based elliptical workout is full of high inclines and fast speeds. Ready, set, aim, and adapt to the work, so that at the end of the sweat session you feel fired up to accomplish anything that comes your way!

Bring the Fire with Jaime M.
Intervals: Bring the heat to your entire body with this interval elliptical workout. Each track is an opportunity to raise the flame inside your engine and burn a little more.

Cardio Vibes with Jeimy B.
Intervals: Work through intervals and work up a sweat in this elliptical workout.

Bops and Beats with Angela L.
Intervals: In this 40-minute elliptical workout, you’ll have five sets of heart-pumping effort, in which you’ll bop and move with the music and drive and push with the beats. The music, your resistance, and your attitude will make this the best workout for you!

The Secret to Success with John T.
Intervals: This all levels, beat-based elliptical workout consists of four songs and two challenges. In the first half of each song, find your resistance max within the rhythm. In the second half, push beyond your comfort zone toward your best self. Wanna know the secret to your fitness success? Press play and find out.

Indoor Cycling

Cycling Vibes with Jeimy B.
Intervals: Work through intervals on the bike and get ready to get your sweat on!

Get What You Give with Jeimy B.
Intervals: Focus on working through hills, different resistance levels, and having fun in this cycling ride.

Just Like Life with Katie H.
Intervals: This class is split into four phases, with two songs each. In phase one, you’ll build and hold hard work. In phase two, you’ll HIIT it hard with extreme interval work. In phase three, you’ll add breathless work into the mix. In phase four, you’ll put it all together to end. You’ll grow your passions, explore your possibilities, rebel against expectations, and realize your power in this class—just like in life.

Breathless to the Beat with Katie H.
Intervals: This class is all about the breathless work! After a progressive warm-up hitting all your intensity levels, you’ll work through three songs and nine breathless intervals, from 15 to 40 seconds long. You’ll have full recoveries in between, and, trust us, you’ll want to take them!

Strength Training

Push, Plank, and More with Ackeem E.
Upper Body + Dumbbells: This workout will tone, sculpt and sizzle your upper body. Exercises include bicep curls, push-up planks, bear planks, and more.

AMRAPs & Intervals with Ackeem E.
Full Body + Dumbbells + Intervals: In this cross-training workout, you’ll sweat through three weighted AMRAPs and two treadmill blocks, ending with a core circuit.

Get Your Swing Right with Ackeem E.
Full Body + Kettlebells: This full body, kettlebell-focused workout starts with a core warmup and gets the heat kicking with a cardio circuit. Then, you’ll work through a strength circuit of: reverse lunges to goblet squats, push-ups, cross body clean and presses, burpees, single-arm swings, and forearm planks.

Holy Mother of Abs with Mary O.
Core: Join Mary O. for some of her signature moves and learn how to make your abs “Holy Mother of Abs” amazing!

Powerfully Grounded with Mary O.
Full Body + Kettlebells: This full body kettlebell workout is a collection of cleans, goblets, swings, and thrusters with cardio and core. You’ll be sweating in no time.


Mama Needs a Break with Nicole S.
Vinyasa + Blocks: This is great for anyone who is a caretaker of someone, multiple “someones,” or something. This practice starts with some mindful breath work, then gets right into the heat, with flowing and balancing. We will finish with a gentle stretch and a brief meditation.


Senses to Sleep with Nicole S.
Guided Meditation: This is a 15-minute sleep meditation. Our bodies know how to sleep and are made to rest with ease each and every night. This meditation reminds you to detach and settle into the natural rhythms of the body’s sleep patterns. You’ll reaffirm presence, safety, and promote deep, healing sleep, while gently powering your senses down.


Big Picture Stretch with Nicole S.
Full Body: In this stretch, you’ll hold and breath through transitions that allow for temporary relief of tightness and tension. You’ll work the spine, hips, and shoulders, and unwind while bringing awareness to your breath.

Open Up with Ackeem E.
Full Body: This dynamic stretch will open you up from your hips to your shoulders.

Wring it Out with Ackeem E.
Full Body: Take some time to unwind and wring out tight muscles with this full body dynamic stretch.



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