Aaptiv 101: Indoor Cycling

Hop on the bike and start sweating.

We see those wheels turning. Indoor cycling workouts have totally redefined modern fitness. In fact, it was those boutique spin classes that first got us thinking about Aaptiv. We wanted to figure out how to capture that wildly motivating combo of heart-pumping music and a engaged instructor and make it accessible to all. We knew indoor cycling workouts would be a major part of our platform. But we get that these workouts can seem intimidating, especially if you haven’t been on a bike since the days of training wheels.

So why should you consider a sit and spin? Well, these classes have a major cardio component that helps you blast fat, improve heart health, and boost endurance. It’s also an incredible way to build lower body strength without joint impact, making it a perfect workout if you’re recovering from an injury or for conditions like arthritis. All of our cycling classes use various interval training techniques. Your trainer will lead you through uphill climbs, speed bursts, and sweet recoveries. More advanced classes will also have you moving in and out of the saddle for an extra challenge. And these aren’t chill weekend pedals: you should expect your heart rate to be elevated for the duration of the class. Want more tips? Fitness expert Kelly Chase is a seasoned cycling instructor, so take her advice to heart:

When seated on the bike, you want a slight bend in your knees — if your knees are bent too much, this can and most likely will aggravate your knees and bring the focus off your intended muscle groups. Keep your arms out in front with elbows slightly bent, shoulders down, chest and head up. Push with your quads, pull with your hamstrings. When standing, you want to tilt your hips slightly back so you’re not totally vertical, and keep the weight in your lower body by keeping your hands light on the handlebars. And remember: squeeze your glutes and pull your abs in!

Ready to give it a spin? Try Aaptiv’s cycling classes for every level. You’ll be back in the saddle in no time.



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