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6 Ways to Supercharge your Cardio

Cardio exercises are great ways to stay healthy. As opposed to weight lifting, you don’t need much equipment. You do your exercises almost anywhere and in a variety of ways that allow you to enjoy your surroundings and outdoors. There are ways to improve and increase your cardio if you want to take it more seriously and see further health benefits.

Exercise Goals and Targets

When you begin to take your cardio seriously, a good practice before you get down to setting a schedule or exercise regimen is to develop a plan with targeted goals. These goals can vary depending on your preference, but a good place to start is to set a target heart rate. For cardio exercises such as biking or running, you should set distance goals and timed goals to keep pushing yourself to get better and continue improving your pace.

Investing in Better Gear

To ensure that you are working out to your full potential and maximizing all the benefits of your cardio activities, you want to make sure that you have the best equipment or gear. This ranges in what you can upgrade. For runners, shoes are at the top of their list, while those that are cycling to improve their cardio will want the best bikes for their needs. The best way to ensure you have the best equipment for your needs is to do research and use your resources. Review sites will provide all the information that you will need when making your considerations. Some factors used to determine the best bikes on are riding conditions, price, comfort, and durability to name a few. You always want to consider what other users say who have tested the products, and not always go by price. Consider all the factors important to you when making your decisions, and remember that this is all investing in yourself.


There are two ways to further increase the benefits of your workouts. You will want to increase the intensity at which you are performing your sets and decrease the break time you give yourself between reps and sets. This ensures that your heart rate is maintained high and to push your muscles to their maximum. Doing so will help you improve your cardio and increase your rate of improvement and growth. Being too casual and relaxed with your workouts will do little to improve your cardio so it is important to push yourself to peak abilities.

Eating Healthy

It is important to note that your diet plays a significant role in your cardio. Like any other fitness goals, it is crucial that you carefully consider the food you eat so as not to waste or throw away your efforts. Eating poorly can have negative impacts, making you feel sluggish, and performing terribly and well below your desired or usual abilities. Eating the right food will make your exercises that much more effective and help you perform better. Eating right also has the bonus of helping you reach any aesthetic or self-image goals you have as well.

When to Do Cardio

In addition to all of the factors that you have to consider with all of your exercises and practices, you want to be mindful of when you choose to do your cardio exercises. The reason you want to factor this in beforehand is choosing when you do cardio will have different results. You will never want to cardio before you do any workout routines focusing on weightlifting. This is because if you do cardio prior to hitting the gym, you will typically tire yourself out and won’t be able to lift as you would if you were to start fresh. You also don’t want to be using and sharing gym equipment with anyone that is already in a fully soaked gym outfit, that just seems inconsiderate. You want to do cardio on different days than you lift as you want to replenish lost nutrients with meals right after any activity. But if you need to do cardio, do it after hitting the weight room.

Keeping Routine

With any sort of physical activity, workout, or exercise, you want to ensure that you establish a consistent schedule or routine. From when you do it during the day, and what days are dedicated to workouts and rest. This will help you focus on getting your full workout and dedicate rest days to regaining your energy. Establishing a routine will also help you stay motivated and keep you consistently working out and not lose your motivation.

Prioritizing your cardio workout is a great way to stay in shape, but also to build up endurance for many things such as playing sports, increasing lung capacity for things like swimming and singing, and improving your breathing ability. To get all the benefits you can, make sure that you practice certain habits that will maximize your efforts to improve your cardio.

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