5 Tips on How to Propose to the Athlete in Your Life

Proposals don’t have to be cliche. If you both love to stay fit, here how to propose in new, creative ways that perfectly fit your lifestyle.

According to research, only 1 in every 3 marriage proposals is actually a surprise. Only 1 in every 4 grooms reported carefully planning for their proposal to leave their soon-to-be-bride fully surprised.

If you want to surprise your bride-to-be, you need to know how to propose in a way that is curated to their passions and what they love the most.

If your girlfriend (or boyfriend) is passionate about sports, you need to plan the proposal to incorporate that into the surprise. Doing so will make the proposal much more meaningful and personal to your loved one.

So the problem is, how do you blend sports and athletics into a marriage proposal? Typically, most marriage proposals do not incorporate sports, so you need to be able to think outside the box (or goal).

Thankfully, we did that research for you. Keep on reading to learn some awesome ideas for how to propose to the athlete in your life.

Let the games begin!

1. How to Propose To a Surfer Babe

If you and your lover share the love for riding the waves, plan your proposal to include your favorite activity and adventure!

Plan ahead and get some of your friends to come surfing with you guys for the day, making sure one of your friends has a waterproof video camera to record it all!

You could either paddle out together and propose to her out on the ocean, in her favorite element. Or you could tape the words “Will you marry me, ___?” on the back of your surfboard, flip it over for her to see, then when she looks at you, you could be down on your knee on the sandy beach.

2. Hiking and Waterfall Marriage Proposal

In order to plan this well, you need to ask some friends to hike ahead to the spot and be prepared, but hidden! Hike with your lover to her favorite waterfall, and when you arrive, pop the question down on your knee surrounded by the beauty of nature around you!

The best part is that she has no idea you have friends filming the entire thing from behind a rock or a bush!

3. Paddleboarding Proposal

Prepare ahead by going to a special place that you will be arriving in and setting it up with roses, candles, and spell out the words “Will you marry me?” with something creative. Have a friend stay there and watch the area, prepared with a video camera of course.

Paddle out with your loved one to this special place, when you arrive, she will read the letters, turn around, and you will be down on one knee ready to pop the question!

4. How To Propose To a Gym Rat

Pretend that you are going to film some demonstrations for social media and you need your lover to be the demonstrator. When you start explaining the proper form, get her to turn around, then pop down on one knee and surprise her!

Of course, you need a nice ring for the surprise, so check out Rockher for the best options of engagement rings.

5. How To Propose To a Soccer Star

Begin by telling her team what your plans are so that they are aware of the plans, then show up at her soccer practice and start playing around with the ball. Immediately fall down pretending you have an injury, and when she runs over to you, get on your knee and pop the question!

Learn More Proposal Tips Like These

Now you have some great ideas for how to propose to the love of your life! Take these ideas and put your own personal twist to them and see how it goes.

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