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3 Mason Jar Recipes for Simple Meal Prep

Simple and convenient recipes to help you stay on track with your meal prep needs.

You know the old saying. If you give a man some food, you’ve fed him. If you give a man a mason jar, you’ve fed him anywhere and everywhere he goes. Well, it’s something like that. Mason jar meals are some of the most convenient options for on-the-go eating. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or post-workout, these meals are the answer to your meal storage problems—everything goes in one jar. Plus, they’re a nice replacement for any overused Tupperware you may be holding on to. Try your hand at this easy meal-prep strategy with three mason jar recipes.

Breakfast: Blueberry Cream Overnight Oats

Mason jar recipes really took off when overnight oats became more popular. This style of oatmeal basically entails throwing all of your ingredients—oats, your liquid of choice, and toppings—into a jar to essentially steep together overnight. In the morning, your breakfast is prepped and ready to go.

Choose superfood toppings such as berries, chia seeds, and flax seeds for increased fiber, nutrients, and anti-inflammatory benefits. Registered dietitian and founder of Nutri Savvy Health Lauren O’Connor tops her oats with wild blueberries because they have a more concentrated flavor intensity. They’re also rich in anthocyanin, a powerful flavonoid high in antioxidants. Here’s her go-to mason jar overnight oats recipe.

Serves 2


Lunch: Avocado Chicken Salad

Mason jar salads are a creative alternative to a traditional salad. It’s super simple to create something delicious with ingredients you may already have in your kitchen. Simply chop up any vegetables you have leftover, throw in a protein like chicken or tofu, and add some seeds or nuts for crunch. Enjoy this recipe from Kelly Leveque, certified holistic nutritionist and author of Body Love, as an appetizer or your main meal.

Serves 4


Dinner: Bean Salad with Mango-Avocado Salsa

Come dinnertime, you may need something a bit heartier to fill you up. Adding whole grains and beans to your mason jar recipes is an easy way to increase protein and fiber to keep you fuller longer. Add spices like cumin that boast anti-inflammatory benefits and a kick of flavor. Get your fill with the bean salad recipe from Cassey Ho, fitness instructor and the creator of Blogilates and Pop Pilates, below.

Serves 1


Mango-Avocado Salsa:


Enjoy these mason jar recipes any time of day and pretty much anywhere. Whip up each the night or a few nights before and enjoy convenient and delicious meals all week long.

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