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How to Know When to Go from Beginner to Intermediate Workouts

Think you're ready to take your fitness routine up a level? Aaptiv trainer Jenn Giamo weighs in on how to know for sure.

4 Easy Strategies to Reverse Negative Thinking

Stop self-doubt in its tracks.

Everything You Need to Know About Changing Your Workout Routine

Find out when it's time for a change and how to make that change.

How Does Your Gut Health Affect Your Workouts?

Your microbiome affects your performance more than you may realize.

Can Exercise Help Alleviate Endometriosis Symptoms?

Find out more about living with the condition and how exercise affects it.

The Reality of Staying Active With Fibromyalgia

Two athletes share their stories of learning to thrive with the chronic illness.

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Setting a Resolution

Set a resolution or intention you can actually stick to this year.

Everything to Know About Exercising with IBS

Working out can actually help with some symptoms of IBS.

Do Hydration Needs Change in the Winter?

Find out how the cold weather affects how much water you need to drink.

Can Exercise Improve Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Working out may be the key to a happier winter season.

When Should I Skip a Workout?

Sometimes pushing through isn’t worth it. Here are four of those times.

How to Deal With a Crowded Gym and Still Get a Great Workout

The crowds are coming.


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