How You Can Satisfy Cravings Without Cheating On Your Diet

Many of us go on diets so as to lose weight. However, our progress is impeded by cravings. These are strong, hard to control desires to eat specific types of food. They are much stronger than regular hunger. When experiencing cravings, people desire a variety of foods. In most cases, we desire processed foods which have high sugar content. People experience immense difficulty losing weight due to cravings. Thankfully, there are ways to beat cravings without cheating on your diet.

Here is how to do it.

Stay hydrated

If you suddenly feel that you need to eat a specific type of food, simply drink a tall glass of water. In a few minutes, the craving will go away. That’s because your body was simply just thirsty.

Consume more protein

Protein can actually prevent you from eating too much. That’s because it usually reduces your appetite. Protein also reduces cravings and satiates your body. An excellent protein-rich dish is Barbara’s Easy CrossFit-Approved Spaghetti. It has a healthy serving of meat, onions, tomato sauce and spaghetti. This dish can be consumed for lunch or dinner. You can also eat protein in the morning and your cravings are curbed throughout the day.

Put some distance between yourself and the craving

If you feel a craving coming on, put some distance between it and you. Take a walk or a shower. Just do something to get your mind off the craving. Chewing gum also works wonders.

Eat your meals according to a plan

Take the time to plan your meals for the day or the week. Knowing exactly what you want to eat gets rid of spontaneous eating. This eliminates the possibility of eating due to cravings.

Don’t get too hungry

The biggest reason why many of us experience cravings is hunger. Keep healthy snacks close by so as to keep extreme hunger at bay. This prevents reactions to cravings.

Stay stress free

Stress can cause you to experience food cravings. This is especially for women. Stress also causes a specific hormone which is known as cortisol to rise in the body. It causes weight gain the belly area. Therefore, avoid stress to keep the flab away.

Consume spinach extract

This is an innovative supplement which is created out of spinach leaves. This extract delays the digestion of fat. It increases satiation through hormonal excretion. As a matter of fact, 5 grams of spinach can reduce cravings for junk by 87% to 85%.

Eat mindfully

This involves implementing mindfulness when you are eating. This is a type of meditation which inspires you to take note of your food, the eating sensations, hunger and cravings too. By eating mindfully, you can tell the difference between real hunger and cravings.

Sleep enough

The rate at which you eat is governed by your hormonal levels throughout the day. If you are sleep deprived, it can disrupt these fluctuations. It can also lead to poor regulation of appetite and give cravings. Therefore, sleep for at least 8 hours every night.

Consume balanced meals

If you lack specific nutrients in your body, it can lead to cravings. Hence, eat balanced meals. In doing so, your body receives the nutrients that it needs. Also, you will not get very hungry after you eat.

Avoid shopping in the supermarket while you’re hungry

If you are hungry or experiencing cravings, don’t go to the supermarket. This is because the store is stocked with a variety of food items. The unhealthiest foods are placed at eye level for you. So, go to the supermarket only if you are full and satisfied.

Many people experience cravings. Statistically, more than half the population usually experiences cravings regularly. Cravings lead to binge eating, addiction to food and unhealthy gains in weight. The tips above can help you to control cravings without breaking the principles of your diet. They can help you to avoid cravings and maintain a healthy, nutritious lifestyle!

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