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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Rest Days

Turns out rest days may be the key to reaching your fitness goals.

How Caffeine Affects Your Workout

Using caffeine to fuel up before your workout? Here's what you should know.

Working Out on Your Lunch Break Can Make You More Productive

Time for some lunch break lunges! Research shows a sweat session during the work day pays off.

6 Tips to Keep Your Feet Safe During Cardio

Your feet take a lot of abuse during cardio—here's how to care for them and avoid injury.

3 Reasons Why Elliptical Workouts Are Good for Your Knees

Elliptical workouts can save your aching knees—here's how.

Elliptical Buttons: What Every Button on Your Elliptical Machine Means

We're decoding all your elliptical buttons so you can get a better workout.

How to Tackle HIIT Workouts as a Beginner

HIIT workouts may seem intimidating but we talked to two trainers who say they’re perfect for beginners. Get their tips below!

Four Scientific Reasons Why Exercise Makes You Feel So Good

Yet another reason to exercise? Yep. How about four more reasons!

What Are The Best Types Of Cardio For Your Fitness Routine?

What types of cardio really change your body?

Famous Celebs Who Favor the Keto Diet

The Keto (or Ketogenic) Diet is a high-fat, low-carb eating plan similar, in many ways, to low-carb ...

How to Exercise During Pregnancy: Tips for Every Trimester

Wondering how to exercise during pregnancy? We talked to the experts.

How to Use an Elliptical Machine

Welcome to your complete guide to the elliptical machine.


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