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The Beginner’s Guide to Free Weights

There’s a reason why free weights are considered the “holy grail” of strength training.

Avoid These 6 Worst Foods for Your Heart Health

Learn how to read food labels so you can be informed on what to avoid.

6 Mistakes That Jeopardize Your Consistent Workout Routine

These common culprits might be preventing you from committing to your exercise routine.

6 Surprising Heart Disease Risk Factors

There are far more risk factors for the number one killer in America than you might realize.

Here’s What Your Energy Slump Is Trying to Tell You

The time you feel drained says something about your health.

6 Myths About Fitness After 50 You Need to Forget

Rest assured, you can absolutely get in the best shape of your life post-50.

6 Health Industry Trends You Should Avoid This Year—and Always

Some fads are better left in the past.

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Change Your Diet This Year

Certain diet plans may yield impressive and fast results. But they may also come with less-desirable side effects.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Perimenopause

Everything you wanted to know about menopause’s younger sister.

Are Sugar Alcohols Actually Healthier Than Sugar?

Here’s the scoop on what this ingredient in many of your “healthier” foods actually is—and what it does.

6 Post-Holiday Diet Mistakes to Avoid

Get back on track the healthy way by avoiding these slip-ups.

Here’s How Air Pollution Really Impacts Your Health

Choose your outdoor exercise spots wisely.


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