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Benefits of Pre-Workout Supplements

Can pre-workout supplements be beneficial?

Of the recent past few years, the use of pre-workout supplements has been on the rise. Some of the everyday users of these pre-workout supplements include gym trainers, bodybuilders, and many other kinds of athletes as well. However, apart from how to use the supplements, not many of us understand what they are or how they work.

In consideration of such issues, we look at what pre-workout supplements are and some benefits of its ingredients.

Ingredients in Pre-Workout Supplements

The making of the supplement mainly consists of caffeine in combination with beta-alanine, which works together to boost your training sessions. In some of the reputable pre-workouts brand, they use more than 400mg per three pill dose. Some other ingredients of pre-workout supplements include creatine, L-arginine, betaine, and taurine among other substances. Let’s discuss some of these ingredients including their benefits.


The purpose of caffeine in the supplements is boasting your training sessions through the following ways;

Recommended Doses

All users get advice to use doses with low or moderate doses. And this is around 3 grams per kilogram of their body weight. Also, for individuals that weigh above 68 kg of weight should consider consuming about 200mg of caffeine in their doses.


Beta-alanine is a natural amino acid produced in the liver. Some of their benefits to all athletes include;

However, there are some disadvantages associated with B-alanine supplements. One of such side effects is overstimulation of nerve cells. And this is what causes a situation referred to as paresthesia.

How to Control the Intake

Due to the said disadvantage, there is a reason to control the intake of the ingredient into your body. Therefore, manufacturers recommend that you take an individual supplement in tablet form.


Among the bodybuilders, creatine is one of the most commonly used pre-workout supplements. The supplement gets synthesized from the amino acids and has the following benefits to the users;

Recommended Doses

According to the manufacturers, they suggest a dose of 5 grams for 5-7 days. After the 7th day, cut the use of the supplements for a period of 7 to 14 days then you can start the cycle again. To control the intake, consider taking the individual supplements.


Betaine is an amino acid in its natural occurrence and comes with the following benefits to the users;

We recommend the use of individual supplements to control the intake of the ingredient to your body.

In conclusion, pre-work supplements are ideal for improving your workout performance – especially if you’re working out with Aaptiv. With the combination of the ingredients, the supplements help to strengthen your body structure as well as your health.

They help improve your blood flow and therefore helps reduce chances of fatigue during the training. Consider trying many of the pre-workout supplements available from the chemist nearby and see what benefits they have on your body.

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