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Glamour press Glamour press
Well and Good press Well and Good press
InStyle press InStyle press
Real Simple press Real Simple press
Shape press Shape press

" more hopping on a machine with no idea what to do. The instructor-created playlists match the music with the intensity, and the time flies."

"With a range of workouts led by personal trainers, this app will make you feel like you're taking your favorite fitness classes."

"The app functions like a coach in your ear, set to playlists with an instructor who sets your pace and tells you when to pick it up for a sprint or slow down for recovery."

"There wasn’t a real trainer in front of me, but the voice of one layered over upbeat jams kept me going—even through the impossible intervals he instructed me to do."

"Here to change the workout class on-demand audio fitness app that brings both the power of a personal motivator and the necessity of well-curated music directly to your phone in the form of digital classes you can take literally anywhere."

A Fresh Way to Workout

You order your favorite takeout, get breaking news, and plan epic vacations all from your phone. You should be able to get top quality workouts the same way.

Aaptiv delivers effective, trainer-led audio workout classes set to all the music you love right to your phone.

"I was really over fitness apps until I discovered Aaptiv. I've never felt so motivated to workout! Do yourself a favor and download it now."
—Jon Rogers, Aaptiv Member
"Having a trainer right in your ear, paired with playlists of music I love – there's truly nothing like it. I've never been so excited to workout."
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