Strong Like a Mother.

Carrying a baby for nine months is an epic accomplishment, not to mention a feat of strength that deserves a standing ovation. And, while you care for your growing baby, it’s vital that you care for yourself.

Aaptiv offers a safe, effective week-by-week maternity fitness program designed and led by expert pre- and post-natal certified trainers. Each workout is progress toward a healthy pregnancy and a strong delivery. To get you started, The Bump readers get 7-days of Aaptiv free plus 30% off the first year of membership.

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Move Through Maternity

Designed by Aaptiv trainers certified in prenatal and postnatal fitness.

Prepare your body

Balance cardio and strength with workouts that take less than 30 minutes.

Work out safely

Feel your best and workout with the confidence that every move is safe and effective.

Healthier delivery

Classes are designed to help you feel great through each trimester and beyond.

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Kira Kohrherr

Uses her extensive background in fitness and pre- and postnatal training to help mothers be their best. She’s a certified AFFA personal trainer and ACE pre- and postnatal trainer.

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Get started with the program no matter what week of pregnancy you’re in.

First Trimester

Kick off motherhood with cardio and strength routines

Second Trimester

Feel re-energized and refreshed with a range of full-body exercises.

Third Trimester

Certified trainers help prepare you for a safe delivery.

Fourth Trimester

Ease back into fitness by rebuilding core strength and focusing on safe recovery.

Stroller Workouts

Bring baby along as you do walking, jogging, and strength workouts.

Other programs to help you crush your goals

Scheduled workout programs for fitness, road races, maternity, and more.

Workouts that work

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“I love how Aaptiv gives me the motivation of group classes without being at the mercy of a gym schedule.”

– Megan E., Aaptiv Member