Top 4 Reasons to Choose Aaptiv for Your Medicare Fitness Offering

When it comes to healthcare, today’s seniors want more than just medical care. They want to take charge of their health. They want more flexibility. More personalization. More options to create and maintain a better quality of life. Aaptiv’s in-person and digital health experiences give seniors the options they’re looking for. Discover how Aaptiv can not only meet Medicare members’ needs but also help differentiate your Medicare fitness offering.

1. Largest Medicare Fitness Network

Aaptiv is the only Medicare fitness solution that includes access to more than 25,000 in-person fitness facilities nationwide. From leading local and national fitness brands to smaller boutique studios, there’s always an option nearby.  

Many of these gyms offer classes for seniors making it an excellent way to meet and socialize with their peers. With research showing the negative impact of loneliness on senior health, in-person facilities offer excellent opportunities for social connection. 

Furthermore, Aaptiv eliminates the need for additional plans or member buy-ups. All locations and brands are included in the network offering. This gives members extraordinary flexibility with unrestricted access to multiple locations at a time.

2. Hyper-personalized Digital Fitness

At the core of Aaptiv’s wellness offering is its AI-powered app, driven by the proprietary PEAR Training Intelligence technology. This innovative system creates customized daily exercise plans, designed for any age, interest, location, and physical ability. Each workout plan adapts in real-time using progress tracking and app insights. Members stay active and engaged through an endless array of personalized workouts, or they can opt for over 7,000 on-demand audio and video sessions.

From Holistic to HIIT

Members will never get bored with Aaptiv’s content library spanning across 15 wellness categories. From mindfulness and meditation to walking and aerobic challenges, members can always find an option that’s right for them.

3. A Simple, Streamlined User Experience

Members access all of the digital and in-person fitness experiences through a single, user-friendly app. The app performs the dual roles of locating nearby gyms, and recommending a facility that meets their individual fitness goals. It even provides digital workouts that make the most of the equipment available at a particular gym, ensuring members get an even better experience.

4. 10 Years of Enterprise Experience

Aaptiv is powered by Pear Health Labs, an established leader in the fitness industry with a decade of Enterprise experience. With an impressive track record of 13 million app downloads and 50,000 five-star reviews, Aaptiv stands as a reliable partner to help differentiate your Medicare fitness offering. 

Extra Value

Beyond helping improve member wellness and reducing health claims and costs, Aaptiv offers added value by:

  • Attracting newly eligible members: Aaptiv’s dynamic health and wellness platform resonates with individuals looking for a results-oriented approach to well-being. Whether through personalized exercise plans or access to local gyms, Aaptiv’s comprehensive offerings make your plan an enticing choice for potential members.
  • Transitioning members from competitor plans: Aaptiv provides a competitive edge in retaining and transitioning members from other plans. Its versatile and user-friendly features make the transition process seamless. 
  •  Lowering costs while providing the best member value:  Aaptiv encourages proactive health management, ultimately reducing the need for costly medical interventions and hospitalizations. This ultimately results in better overall cost management for your plan without compromising the quality of service offered to members.
  • Improving member satisfaction and STAR rating: By empowering members to take control of their health and cultivating a healthier, more engaged member base, Aaptiv can contribute to enhanced member satisfaction. The positive outcomes and preventive measures encouraged by Aaptiv can elevate your plan’s STAR rating, showcasing your commitment to quality care and wellness initiatives. This, in turn, strengthens your reputation and trust among both current and prospective members.

Aaptiv can be a game-changer for your Medicare plan. By harnessing the capabilities of Aaptiv, you can create a plan that not only meets but exceeds your members’ expectations while enhancing the overall efficiency of your plan.

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