Two Workouts You Can Do Right In Your Hotel Room

Get in a quick sweat, even while on the go.

You may find it difficult to maintain your fitness routine when you’re traveling, but it’s actually really easy to keep up with your regime. Apart from great apps like Aaptiv that you can use in any hotel gym available, there are also really great hotel-friendly routines that you can do that’ll still allow you to work out your mind and body.

Here two Aaptiv trainers  run us through their favorite HIIT and meditation/yoga sessions that you can do straight in the comfort and convenience of your own hotel room!

Hotel-Friendly Yoga Workout

Traveling is great fun, but it can also be pretty stressful. Fortunately, we have Aaptiv Yoga Trainer Ceasar Barajas onboard to share a yoga routine that’ll relieve stress and give you some much-needed relaxation.

“One of my favorite hotel yoga sequences is the good old-fashioned Sun Salutation A,” says Barajas. One can ideally run through three to five of them, for a first thing in the morning pick-me-up, or string together seven to ten for a quick midday/evening workout.”

Pose One:

First, stand tall and proud. “Sweep the arms overhead on an inhale. On the exhale, bend through the knees a lot and forward fold, just hanging there. Imagine all the negativity and thoughts that don’t serve you [are] pouring out of your mind through the top of your head.”

Pose Two:

“Then, inhale to a flat back position. With your hands on your shins/tops of thighs for support, focus on the floor. Exhale and plant your hands on the ground about shoulder-width apart. Step back one foot at a time for a high plank hold (push-up position). Inhale, and then on your exhale, slowly lower to halfway lift (chaturanga pose), keeping elbows tight to the body, aiming the elbows for a 90-degree bend.”

Pose Three:

“Inhale, relax to the tops of your feet, press hands into the floor and focus your gaze as high up as your neck allows, squeezing your core,” continues Barajas. “Challenge yourself by allowing your hips to float off the ground (upward facing dog). Exhale, squeeze through your core and body.”

Pose Four:

The next pose is the downward facing dog. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart with your hips high in the sky. “For a good stretch through each calf, hamstring and lower back, pedal through the feet,” Barajas advises.

Pose Five:

As you inhale, walk your feet back to a forward fold. Make sure your hold stays relaxed and exhale.

Pose Six:

Stand up from the forward fold position and breathe. You can repeat this sun salutation sequence as many times as you’d like.

And, some final tips from Barajas: “Move slowly and with control to make it difficult, or pick up the pace connecting one breath to each movement for a little cardio booster! Adjust all movements to your body.” And remember, “You’re amazing, don’t ever, ever stop!”

Hotel-Friendly HIIT Workout

If you want to get your heart rate up and a good sweat on, Aaptiv Trainer Rochelle Baxter has a good one for you! The only equipment that you’re going to need can be found right in your hotel room, including a bed and a chair!

Set 1:

15 squats using a chair

15 incline push-ups on the side of the bed

One minute elevated plank, with feet on a chair

Rest for 30 seconds in between each set

Repeat this set two to three times through

Set 2:

Alternating lunges in place 20 total (ten on each side)

Ten burpees

15 tricep dips on a chair

Rest for 30 seconds in between each set

Repeat this set two to three times through

Set 3:

Ten to15 luggage overhead press (depending on the weight)

Ten single-leg lunges on each side (back leg on a chair)

20 knee highs in place

Rest for 30 seconds in between each set

Repeat this set two to three times through

Try one of the workouts from Aaptiv (there are so many to choose from) or one of these hotel-friendly sessions from Barajas and Baxter! They’re simple, yet effective routines that enable you to keep up with your workouts, even while traveling.



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