Michael Septh

A natural athlete and strength expert, Mike offers supportive training and technical expertise to help you overcome hurdles and claim victory.

Articles featuring Michael Septh

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No weights or machines? No problem. We lay out the most beneficial moves sans equipment.

Core Strength Is the Key to Better Workouts

Think core strength is only for ab workouts? Think again.

6 Tips for Getting Toned Using Light Weights

Yes, you can use light weights and still get sculpted from head to toe.

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What Exactly Is Tabata Training?

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3 Ways Barre Work Can Improve Your Running Game

More than just a dancer’s workout, barre work has shown to improve a runner’s overall performance.

The 4 Post-Flight Stretches You Need to Do For Tight Muscles

Loosen up your legs and shoulders with these stretches.

5 Pieces of Fitness Equipment For Your College Dorm Room

While living in a college dorm, it can be easy to get caught up in a blend of studying and socializi...

Here’s Exactly What Type of Fitness You Should Do for Your Age

Find the workout routines that fit your body best.

Proprioception: What You Need to Know to Boost Performance

Learn more about where your body is in space for better form.

How Chronic Illness and Pain Can Impact Your Mental Health

Both take a toll on your mind, body, and spirit—but a healthy lifestyle can help.


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