Meg Takacs

An accomplished competitive runner, Meg utilizes her highly-technical training style to guide runners of all levels to achieve new milestones.

Articles featuring Meg Takacs

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Turn your "time of the month" to your fittest time of the month.

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5 Outdoor Running Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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The Runner’s Guide to Foot Strike and How It Affects Performance

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How to Run in the Wind

Don’t let a stiff breeze keep you from running at your best.

Should Non-Competitive Runners Try Competitive Running?

Training for and then running a race can make you mentally and physically stronger.

5 Ways to Make a Long Run Go by Faster

Running coaches weigh in on how to help the miles fly by.

How Exercising Can Actually Boost Energy and Save You Some Time

A quick workout might just be the key to better productivity.


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