4 Things to Know About Swedish Singer Tove Styrke

Get to know the Scandinavian star.

Tove Styrke is here to remind us to have some fun. The Swedish singer-songwriter is currently enjoying her first headlining tour (with opener Au/Ra), promoting her latest album “Sway.” The album is her third but carries with it the fresh buoyancy reminiscent of her first two projects, the self-titled “Tove Styrke” and “Kiddo.” Her music is intelligent and adventurous and her regular mix of heavy bass, synthetic sounds, and all-too-real lyrics calls to mind the likes of fellow Scandinavian stars Robyn and Lykke Li. So, if you don’t know her, you should. To help you along, here are some fast facts about Styrke.

1. She’s not Tove Lo.

While the two Swedish-born singers share a first name, they are, in fact, not one and the same. Styrke doesn’t mind the confusion, though. “It’s not annoying because I love her,” she told Variety. But when it comes to pronouncing her name correctly, that’s where things get a little dicey. Tove Lo is pronounced “Toe-vuh Loh,” while Tove Styrke should sound more like “Toovah Steerkah.” In June of this year, Styrke addressed her often mispronounced name (typically butchered by her American fans) in a tweet: “Hey! About my name. It’s pronounced toovah steerkah but I don’t mind tov strike it’s alright.”

2. She got her start on a singing competition show.

It’s true. The 25-year-old gained popularity on Swedish Idol in 2009. She finished in third and her electro-pop career took off quickly from there. Just a year later, Styrke released her eponymous album. And, in 2011, the New York Post included her on its list of “10 Artists to Know in 2011.” Life comes at you fast.

3. Her parents encouraged a career in performance.

The music industry is notoriously unforgiving, but Styrke’s parents inspired her to move forward with a performing career anyway. She was motivated by her ballet instructor mother (Styrke took lessons from a young age) and her father, Anders Ostman, a Swedish musician who scored a number one single in the ‘70s. In addition to her artistic parents, Styrke’s grandfather taught her piano and she took up the instrument, ultimately becoming a vocalist in a jazz band in her teens. So, the performance roots run deep.

4. She’s a Post Malone fan.

In an interview with Variety, Styrke shared that she is creatively inspired by anyone doing anything interesting. Specifically, she mentioned Post Malone, saying “The mix of styles that he’s pulled together [are] really cool and work so well with his voice. It sounds very fresh.”



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