3 Aaptiv Treadmill Workouts Under 20 Minutes to Try

The perfect HIIT treadmill routine, especially if you’re crunched for time

Full disclosure: As a fair-weather, semi-beginner runner and a new mom, I basically run whenever the temperature is decent. And when I can carve out the time.

When running does happen, it’s certainly not for an hour like many treadmill workouts suggest. But this spring, I’m dead set on finding time to move my body. Whether that’s in the form of treadmill exercises or outdoor runs.

That’s why I was thrilled to see Aaptiv’s selection of treadmill running workouts under 20 minutes or less.

They’re perfect for busting out a quick treadmill workout.

Here are my 3 favorite treadmill runs on Aaptiv and why each served up a great workout. They also happen to be the shortest, so there’s really no excuse for you to fit them into your treadmill training!

If you have 7 minutes . . .

This HIIT treadmill workout is perfect for anyone looking for a speedy set of intervals set to low-key background music and an encouraging trainer, Ed, motivating you along. Because you’re alternating between just a handful of treadmill speeds, the time flew by even faster than I anticipated. I liked that Ed had great energy, but also recommended taking this interval treadmill workout at your own pace as necessary.

I found it very easy to modify the speed, too—even though at just over five minutes, it wasn’t hard to keep up the motivation to finish strong. I’d absolutely go back to this treadmill HIIT workout in a pinch if I only had a little window of time for exercise! Short, sweet and effective.

Want more ideas for HIIT workouts? Check out in app now for all our latest class releases!

If you have 8 minutes . . .

I have to admit that 30 seconds into this run, I was over it. But then I started listening to the trainer, Meghan, explain why this workout would benefit my health and what exactly we’d cover together in less than 10 minutes. I appreciated knowing what to expect and why it counted a treadmill cardio workout.

It turns out everything was for a reason during this treadmill interval training for seasoned runners, even the music. I tend to prefer pop or rap tunes while running. But the steady bpm actually helped me match my stride to the rhythm. Additionally, Meghan kept emphasizing the importance of breath as we built endurance between running and jogging with exactly zero walking breaks.

In the future, I’d add this HIIT treadmill workout after a lifting session. Or as a nice warm-up to a longer treadmill cardio workout session. It got my heart pumping and reminded me that workouts are what you make of them. If you put your full effort into it, you can truly feel the physical results. (Case in point: I was sore for two days afterwards!)

If you have 15 minutes . . .

Okay, Rochelle is my GIRL. This treadmill workout featured recognizable Top 40 hits from the get-go, which got me jazzed and ready to run. It also included a great deal of variety, from speedy sprints to slow inclines for stamina. Thank goodness, too, because this treadmill HIIT workout was hard.

Still, I never got bored due to the constantly changing mini-sets. Reminders to keep arms straight and loose, stay light on your feet, keep looking up and engaging your core helped distract from the slightly longer run time. Usually, with my HIIT cardio on the treadmill, I do my best to suffer through it, and I liked the inspiration to be a bit more mindful—even if I was technically running one place the whole time!

Overall, with Aaptiv, you can’t go wrong with adding these to your HIIT treadmill routine, especially if you’re crunched for time.



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