Super Efficient Cardio Workouts for Every Fitness Level

The cardio hits just keep coming.

SURPRISE! We just dropped a whole new set of classes in the Aaptiv app. This time it’s all about super efficient cardio!

Coach Candice’s Total-Body Sprints 7 is a plyometric strength class that makes you feel like you’re logging sprints without having to actually run, and Coach Kelly’s Heating Things Up stair-climbing class is a HIIT must! Lace up your sneakers, grab your headphones, and let’s get to work #TeamAaptiv!

Outdoor Running and Walking

Set A Faster Pace Now with Ben Green
Intermediate Speed Progression: You’ll ease into this running class starting with a nice, steady pace. But, by the end of the workout, you’ll be running your fastest mile pace ever!

Sprint With Confidence with Ben Green
Intermediate Sprints: Push really hard during each 30-, 45-, and 60-second sprint. Then, recover with a slow and steady walk.

Sprint Shorties with Jennifer Giamo
Intermediate Sprints: Ring the sweaty alarm! Incorporating short sprints, like the ones featured in this class, will help improve your time on longer runs while also building your endurance.

Your New Threshold with Meghan Takacs
Intermediate Mile Repeats: The goal of this class is to maintain a tempo pace for eight non-stop minutes before moving into an active recovery period. Aim for fluid fluid transitions between each pace speed by controlling your breath and form during each and every step.

Run-Eazy with Meghan Takacs
Advanced Endurance: This steady-state class has a few tempo surges sprinkled throughout the run so be prepared to pick up that pace! The surges are meant to make your regular running pace feel easier and help prevent fatigue during your longer runs.


Take It To The Hills with Candice Cunningham
Advanced Hills: No slacking here. This class is all about building your cardiovascular stamina. You’ll be matching your speed with the incline during this hip-hop class.

Sweat Dripping with Jaime McFaden
Advanced Tempo Work: Kick things into high gear with this fun cardio class that will challenge you physically and mentally. When you finish you’ll be drenched in sweat #goals.

Cardio Kicker with Jessica Muenster
Advanced Climb: Start with a steady climb and finish with sprints. This cardio class


Fifth Level Training with Candice Cunningham
Intermediate Jog + Strength: Pop beats will keep energy levels high during this cardio and strength class. After you warm up you’ll move into two-minute rounds of jogging followed by one minute of bodyweight exercises for a total-body burner.

Tread24 Hills with Ed Hall
Intermediate Hill Climb: Tap into your stamina during this workout that will get you running stronger and faster. The pushes are short and the rest intervals are on lower inclines so you can keep your aerobic system working hard without feeling totally breathless.

Mornings Like These with Jaime McFaden
Intermediate Jogging Intervals: Start your day with a little cardio thanks to these jogging inclines. There are also some uphill walking bursts to really target your butt and leg muscles.

7 Minute Quick Hits

Push It For 7 with Candice Cunningham
Beginner Intervals: This is exactly what you need when you’re looking for a fun cardio workout. Focus on form and controlling your breath during this walking and jogging interval class.

Make Those Abs Werk with Jennifer Giamo
Beginner Core: Burn out those abs with this super quick HIIT-inspired workout. You’ll perform different types of planks to hit your core from every angle.

30-Second Sprints with Kelly Chase
Advanced Sprints: The challenge in this class is that each sprint is 30-seconds long but you’ll only have 10 seconds to recover before you push it again. This super short workout will be done before you know it!

Total-Body Sprints 7 with Candice Cunningham
Total-Body Cardio: This fun class is super fast paced and will get your heart rate all the way up. You’ll do a burst of high knees after every move to make sure you’re working up a serious sweat! It’s a total-body routine that makes you feel as though you did sprints (without having to actually run).

Indoor Cycling

Pop Brings Us Closer with Ed Hall
Advanced Intervals: Don’t get too settled in your comfort zone! You’ll work up a sweat during tempo drills and intervals with minimal recovery in this fun class.

Just Roll With It with Jessica Muenster
Intermediate Speed Work: Supercharge your ride with top EDM hits that will energize your mood and muscles. This class changes things up every song so you never get too comfortable.

Strength Training

Bump & Pump with Jessica Muenster
Advanced Full Body + Weights: EDM and hip-hop power jams will get you through this total-body routine that includes a few cardio bursts at the end. Grab a set of medium-to-heavy dumbbells for this class.

HIIT This Circuit with Mike Septh
Advanced Plyometric HIIT: This conditioning class puts the focus is on your legs with lots of lower-body plyometric exercises that will leave you feeling breathless.

For The Love Of Dumbbells with Mike Septh
Intermediate Full Body + Weights: This class is perfect if you’ve been strength training for a while and want an extra challenge. You’ll move through three circuits featuring moves such as goblet squats and push presses. You’ll want to have a set of dumbbells handy for this routine.

Strengthen And Flex with Sultan Malik
Advanced Full Body + Weights: It’s time for another strength hit with Coach Sultan! You’ll want a set of medium resistance dumbbells for this rep-based, full-body routine.

Core For All with Sultan Malik
Beginner Core: Fire up your abdominal muscles with this core-focused routine that includes both standing and mat-based exercises. Yes you’ll plank and crunch—but you’ll like it!

Stair Climbing

Heating Things Up with Kelly Chase
Intermediate HIIT: HIIT it once, HIIT it twice, and HIIT it three times with this high-intensity class. You’ll push it for two minutes at a challenging level, then back off for one minute of recovery. Then, increase the intensity and push it again.

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