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Introducing Aaptiv’s Strengthen Your Core Program!

Get strong to the core.

It’s easy to credit your upper and lower body muscles for most of your fitness successes. But your core is the true unsung hero of all those PRs. No, really. Your core, the muscles around your trunk, are there for more than just aesthetics. These muscles keep your body stabilized to help you improve your athletic performance, complete daily activities with ease, and prevent injury. So, it’s important to train and challenge your core regularly. With that in mind, we created a program focused entirely on this essential area. Introducing Strengthen Your Core, live in-app now!

Developed by and featuring Aaptiv Trainer Mike Septh, this five-week program is designed to help you better understand the fundamentals of core integrity. The goal is, of course, to build core strength, but also to develop a stronger connection between the upper and lower body. In turn, you’ll see improvements in all areas of fitness. “The core is central to every type of workout,” Septh says. “If you’re a runner, you’ll run better with a stronger core. If you strength train, you’ll lift better with a stronger core.”

To help target your core muscles from all angles, Septh explains that the program, which gradually increases in difficulty, introduces a more advanced idea of core training. “We cover a lot of different planes of motion,” he says. “The goal is for users to understand how core strength benefits all other facets of fitness. You’ll feel it and then you’ll see those performance improvements in your workouts.”

The program is easy to add to your existing cardio and strength workouts so what are you waiting for? Head to the Programs section of the app and find the new Strengthen Your Core program in the intermediate bucket.

Ready to learn the benefits of core strength and build more of it but not a member of Aaptiv yet? Sign up here!

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