How to Stay Healthy On a Cruise (Yet Still Have a Great Time)

Cruises can be a lot of fun, but they can also cause your health to do out the window. Read on to learn how to stay healthy while taking a cruise.

You’re about to go on a cruise. You’ve been thinking about taking a cruise for a while now, and now you’re getting ready to leave!

And you’re keeping your fingers crossed that nothing will go wrong to bring all the fun to a screeching halt — something like getting sick, that is.

Well, there’s no way to guarantee — one hundred percent — that you’ll remain healthy and active for the entire cruise, but there are some things you can do to prevent getting sick in the first place or getting well quickly if you do get sick.

What follows are some recommendations for staying healthy and active while on a cruise.

Dealing with Seasickness

One of the first things experienced by people who are new to cruising is seasickness. No sooner are you out of port than the ship starts rocking and tumbling. Next thing you know, you feel awful.

Did you bring seasickness medicine? If not, don’t worry. Cruise ships are well stocked with it, so just ask at the store. Most will make you drowsy, so take some and have a good sleep.

You probably will be used to the movement of the ship by the time you wake up — and feel much healthier overall. If not, though, stop by the ship’s doctor for more help.

Staying Hydrated

It seems that many people who become ill on cruises are actually dehydrated — even though it often gets blamed on other things —the food, seasickness, etc. there are numerous causes for dehydration while at sea.

And just as many ways to avoid it. Yes, tap water on the ship is safe to drink, so drink plenty of it. Carry it with you in a bottle while ashore, too. Avoid overdoing it in the hot sun. And overdoing it while at the bar too.

Viruses and Other Contagious Illness

Cruise ships are notorious for the spread of viruses (aka “stomach bugs”). Norovirus is often the main suspect in this, but many other contagious illnesses spread on ships as well.

These are rarer than they’re made out to be, but it’s good to take precautions all the same.

Illnesses can spread through buffets, surfaces, or just close quarters. Wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer, and try to get to buffets early — before too many hands have reached into the food. Or order directly from the kitchen if possible,

Montezuma’s revenge

This unfortunate name refers to food- or water-borne diarrhea that is contracted at ports of call. It is named after Moctezuma II, the Aztec ruler captured by Spanish conquistadors. So it is commonly used to refer to travel in Mexico specifically.

While ashore, stick with bottled beverages, including water, and eat only foods that are well cooked and served hot. It’s also wise to avoid uncooked fruits and vegetables — or at least those you can’t peel. And don’t eat food from street vendors.

If you really want to play it safe, eat your meals on the ship.

If you do get sick, though, it should run its course in a day or two. If the condition lasts more than a couple of days, see the ship’s doctor.


Be careful whether in port or onboard the cruise ship. There are lots of injuries that could occur — including falls on slippery decks, heatstroke from too much sun, insect bites or stings, cuts and scrapes, and many others.

In short, try to stay healthy! Injuries should not interfere with your Celebrity Mexico cruise vacation in any way.

Enjoy Taking a Cruise and Have a Terrific Time!

A healthy and active body makes for an enjoyable cruise. The simple precautions discussed here, along with good self-care if you do get sick are key to making your trip the best one possible.

Things can always go wrong when taking a cruise, but then again, there always will be cruises to go on. So be sure to take care of yourself and stay in great shape while thinking about and planning future cruise vacations!



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