Solid Core and Other New Classes Live Now!

Dive into a new week with new workouts.

This week, try Solid Core, a bodyweight strength class with Aaptiv Trainer Amanda Butler, or cross-train on the tread with Strong Arms and Fast Legs with Aaptiv Trainer Ackeem Emmons.


Body Tread with Jaime M.
Intervals + Full Body: This is a full body cross-training workout. You’ll work on and off the treadmill combining running and bodyweight strength moves. This workout is tough, so you have to be relentless about crushing it!

Two Minutes to Let Go with Rochelle M.
Intervals: This workout is designed for athletes who need to focus on speed and tempo drills to build up stamina and enhance overall performance. Each interval is two minutes long and will progress in speed. This workout is also all about learning how to let go and diving into new depths of yourself!

Inclined to Succeed with Rochelle M.
Intervals: This class has a different technical technique for each given interval. Each interval will be on an incline of 3.0 to additionally help improve overall technique for running on inclines. You’ll have five intervals with a maximum speed of 7.5.

Strong Arms and Fast Legs with Ackeem E.
Intervals + Full Body + Weights: This cross training workout will have you running for two blocks and getting off the treadmill for two sizzling arm circuits with exercises including shoulder presses, tricep extensions, and bent over rows. Get ready to sweat from head to toe!

Find That Threshold with Rochelle M.
Speed Work: The goal of this workout is to find your true threshold pace! This is a race pace you can hold. Work through five sets where you’ll tackle 5K and 10K race paces, with jogging recoveries in between.

Progress and Precision with Jaime M.
Incline: This walk is all about progress and precision. You’ll walk up and down inclines with varying speeds to practice your precision, all the while feeling the progress in your mind and body.

Feed Your Soul with Jaime M.
Intervals: This efficient run will have you feeding your soul and your lungs all the goodness of hard work. Lace up your shoes, hit start, and jog, run and incline walk. Your maximum speed will be 8.0, and your maximum incline will be 15.0.

Aaplete’s Pyramid with Ackeem E.
Endurance: This treadmill workout is a pyramid to help you increase your speed and endurance. You’ll have sprints, as well as endurance intervals. Your maximum speed for this class will be 8.0.

Feel the Good Vibes with John T.
Incline Walk + Jog + Core: This is a beat-based, treadmill walk to jog and strength combo. In the first 25 minutes on the treadmill, you’ll go through a three-song circuit, two songs of incline walking and one song of jogging intervals. Then you’ll hop off the treadmill for five minutes of plank work to strengthen your core.


Focus on Form with Jaime M.
Intervals: This beginner workout is a healthy mix of hills and resistance with a huge focus on your form. Your maximum resistance will be 8.0 and your maximum incline will be 12.0. Take the challenge and press play!

Dig In and Dance with Katie H.
Intervals: Build your baseline, then freestyle! Warm up, then tackle two identical sets of work: one endurance “dig” song and one interval “dance” song. Once you build your resistance, you get to decide what you do with it. You’ll have one full song to recover right in the middle so you can give your all every step of the way. This advanced class is all about embracing the challenge you’ve been given…then trusting your gut when it comes to what’s next!

Keep the Beat with John T.
Intervals: This beat-based, intermediate elliptical workout has four songs. As the workout progresses, the songs get quicker in tempo. Your goal is to climb on the beat. In the final song, you’ll crush pushes beyond the beat.

Reactive to Proactive with Katie H.
Resistance: This class is for those days you need to work out frustration, tackle obstacles, and shift from a reactive to proactive mindset. You’ve got three blocks of work, each one minute longer than the last. You’ll work exclusively in the hard and breathless zones, with full recoveries in between. You’ll move forward, backwards, lose your breath, and hit a max resistance of 16.0. The incline is up to you. Your challenge is to learn from your experiences to create a stronger stride each time around.

Strength Training

On Point with Amanda B.
Lower Body + Core + Equipment + Weights: This advanced strength workout takes you through three sets of four leg exercises, including squat lunges, step-ups, and more, and finishes off with a quick core burning sequence of planks, crunches, and bicycles to max out your 20 minutes. This class is great to take if you’re short on time! You’ll need a mat, bench, and dumbbells ranging from 15 to 25lbs for this class.

Solid Core with Amanda B.
Core: This beginner workout is designed to help you build up a stronger core to increase your stability and balance. A strong core is the foundation to all your functional movement. Press play and let’s get to work! Exercises include planks, sit-ups, Russian twists, and more.

To the Max with Amanda B.
Full Body + Weights: This workout combines cardio, strength, and core exercises to give you the total body burn you’re looking for! Nothing feels better than a finished workout, so press play and let’s have some fun! Exercises include star jumps, goblet squats, chest presses, butterfly sit-ups, deadlifts, renegade rows, flutter kicks, skaters, and more.

Nothing Butt Core with Ackeem E.
Lower Body + Weights: This core and glutes workout consists of two circuits performed for three rounds to cook your midsection and keep your glutes high and tight. Exercises include sumo squats, curtsy lunges, knee tucks, skaters, and more.

Back Attack with Ackeem E.
Upper Body + Weights: This upper body focused routine alternates between cardio and strength training movements for a killer 21-minute workout. This conditioning routine will sculpt and build your back muscles. Exercises include flutters, bicycles, hollow body planks, bent-over rows, burpees, deadlifts, mountain climbers, and more.

Outdoor Running

Running Free with Rochelle M.
Endurance: This class is designed to build strength, speed, and endurance. Lock in tempo pace (this is 85-90 percent of your max heart rate) for 25 mins. This run is all about overcoming anxiety through running and exercise.


Love For Your Legs with Jaime M.
Lower Body: This efficient lower body stretch focuses on giving relief to your legs. This is a great stretch to do after your running, cycling, and walking workouts. It’s also an excellent addition to any post-workout activity.

All About the Hamstrings with Ackeem E.
Lower Body: This quick stretch is all about your hamstrings. Do yourself a favor and take ten minutes out of your day to alleviate hamstring, and, consequently, lower back tension with this stretch.

Stair Climbing

Pep In Your Step with John T.
Intervals: Spark your heart rate and build strength with this intermediate, beat-based stair climbing workout. The playlist has four songs, and with each song you’ll move with the musical drops to find your speed.

Indoor Cycling

Cycle Choreography 2.0 with John T.
Intervals: This is part two of the original Cycle Choreography! Learn how to do elbow drops, travel patterns, tapbacks, and variations of those moves on the beat. In the middle and at the end of the workout you’ll go through interval pushes.

One Big Hill with Katie H.
Endurance: Build maximum endurance in minimal time. After warming up, you’ll climb a 9-minute hill, taking you all the way to breathless work. This class is the perfect multitasker: pair it with another cardio class for a longer workout, use it to warm up before a strength session, or, if you’re short on time, go all-out in under 15 minutes!

Riding Through Resistance with Jeimy B.
Intervals: This 15-minute beginner class goes through three different levels of resistance: easy, moderate, and heavy.

Ring the Alarm with Jeimy B.
Intervals: This beginner class opens with a warmup at an easy resistance. Think about what your why is today, put it in your heart and your legs, and get ready to work through intervals in and out of the saddle!


Twist to Take Flight with Jess R.
Vinyasa Flow: This yoga class will help you open up the outer legs and hips with twisting. These movements will get you closer to take flight and try the arm balance of koundinyasana (flying splits).


Amplify Abundance with Jess R.
Guided Meditation: This visualization mediation is designed to remove the limiting beliefs that we don’t deserve to be happy or have good fortune. Focus on the infinite abundance ahead for you!



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