Smoke Those Legs and Other New Classes Live Now!

Don't miss our workout featuring the new The Chainsmokers' hit.

New week, new workouts! Get outside and enjoy the spring weather with new challenging and fun outdoor runs. Or keep it indoors and try Smoke Those Legs, a treadmill class featuring a new single from The Chainsmokers.

Outdoor Running

Keep The Tempo with Ben G.
Tempo Run: Get ready to run hard through this tempo run. After a quick warmup, hit your tempo stride. A few speed pickups will keep you on your toes and challenge you throughout.

Get Moving with Ben G.
Intervals: Warm up with a series of running drills such as butt kicks and high knees before taking off on this long run. Push through six four-minute running intervals with periods of active recovery jogging in between for a serious endurance challenge.

Consistency Is Key with Jaime M.
Walk + Jog: Focus on consistency as you work your way through this walking and jogging workout. Release tension and relieve stress with this fun outdoor class.

You and The Beats with John T.
Intervals: Hit the road and follow the beat through this run. Practice beat-based running through a series of intervals and push through sprints when the beat drops.

4 Mile Run with Meghan T.
Steady Run: Set a goal and stick to it. Work your way up to four miles with this run focused on structure, pace, and mileage.

Indoor Cycling

Beginner Beats with Ben G.
Intervals + Hills: Beginner cyclers get comfortable on the bike with this upbeat interval-based ride. Practice resistance, hills, and working in and out of the saddle.

Entry Level with Ed H.
Intervals: Beginner cyclers can build endurance and lower body strength with this indoor cycling ride. You’ll focus on cadence and practice a few speed drills for challenge.

Get Sweating with Jessica M.
Intervals: Forget about hills and heavy resistance for this indoor cycling ride. It’s all about speed and stamina as you push through sprints and tempo pace with upper body movements.

Resistance At Your Feet with Kelly C.
Intervals: Cover all the cycling bases with this dynamic ride that includes all positions. Work in zones 1-3 as you push through intervals of endurance and speed to strengthen those legs.


Smoke Those Legs with John T.
Intervals: Get ready to burn out those legs with this challenging run set to hits from The Chainsmokers. You’ll follow the beat as you run, incline run, and sprint when the beat drops.

Split Work with Candice C.
Intervals: Work on getting your quarter-mile split times down. Test your endurance without full recovery breaks in between.

Stronger On The Hills with Candice C.
Hills: Runners test their muscular and cardiovascular strength with this run focused on incline. Practice pacing and stamina as you work on intervals of incline jogging.

Run Tall, Run Light with Ed H.
Intervals: You’ll move up and down a pyramid-style format through this challenging workout. Work through changes as the incline and speed increases and decreases throughout.

Walk Some, Run Some with John T.
Walk + Jog + Run: Your challenge changes with every song. You’ll walk, run, and sprint sometimes in addition to practicing pacing against incline increases.

Hustler At Heart with Meghan T.
Tempo Run + Full Body: Intermediate runners can challenge themselves with this more advanced-style workout. Run at a tempo pace before switching to runner-specific strength exercises.

Feet On Fire with Meghan T.
Progressive Intervals: Work your way up pace-wise with this progressive run. Use this as a burnout after an endurance- or tempo-based run.


All Bruno, Baby with Jaime M.
Intervals: Focus on your legs with this quick elliptical workout set to a Bruno Mars playlist. Push your way up to level five on both incline and resistance before working back down the hill.

Power Ellip with Jaime M.
HIIT: Leave your excuses off the machine! Push through a series of intense sprint intervals as the resistance and incline increase to get an effective workout in just ten minutes.

Two Pedals to Paradise with Kelly C.
Intervals: Ignore the incline as you push against varying resistance levels. Throwback rock and pop hits keep you moving through this long, but fun class.

Yoga, Stretching, and Meditation

Let It Go with Jenn G.
Guided Meditation: Take a breather and sink into this guided meditation. Focus on releasing stress and anxieties you can’t control. Breathe deep and let it go.

Full Body TLC with Ackeem E.
Full Body Stretch: Loosen up tightness, relieve stress, and prevent injuries with this full body stretch routine.

Breath and Body with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: Get acquainted with mindfulness with this quick guided meditation. Take time to focus on your breath and body.

Headstand Up with Jade A.
Vinyasa Flow: Rev up your brain and body power with this intense vinyasa flow, ending in a long headstand. Get your heart rate up and work fresh oxygen into your mind and muscles.

Stair Climber

All In The Form with Jenn G.
Intervals: Beginners get comfortable on the stair climber with this workout. Focus on technique and form as you work through intervals at varying levels.

Strength Training

Let It Slide with Jessica M.
Full Body + Equipment: Grab a set of sliders for this full body strength workout. Perform moves such as arm circles, leg circles, and bear crawls with the added slider challenge.

Begin To Burn with Mike S.
Lower Body + Core: Focus on your lower body and core with four circuits of bodyweight exercises. You’ll work through three rounds of moves such as split squats, mountain climbers, and hollow holds for a challenging class that will test your strength.

Plyo Fire with Mike S.
Plyos + Weights: Set your muscles on fire with this intense full body class full of plyometric and weighted exercises. Push through five circuits of moves such as mountain climbers, push-ups, and jump squats for a powerful and effective workout.

Stable and Strong with Rochelle M.
Core: Build core strength and stability with a series of abdominal exercises. After a quick warmup, get on the ground for moves, including various plank styles and bicycle crunches.

Extra Crazy Work with Sultan M.
Full Body + Weights: Grab a set of dumbbells and get to work. Push through four groups of four exercises in this full body workout.

Your Finest Work with Ackeem E.
Upper Body + Core + Weights: Forget counting reps and focus on quality sets of exercises. Work through three rounds of moves focused on the biceps and shoulders in an EMOM-style (every minute on the minute) to keep your heart and muscles working.

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