Seven Things To Know About Indoor Exercise Equipment

Getting fit and staying fit is more than just a New Year's resolution.

It’s a commitment to improve yourself both mentally and physically. Exercise is a great way to look and feel better and it only takes a few minutes every day.

Many people use an app like Aaptiv or go to their local gym or fitness center to work out regularly. They have dozens of machines that address individual areas of the body to improve and strengthen. Others prefer to get their workout in the privacy of their own home.

There are many different kinds of indoor exercise equipment that you can buy. Some focus on one specific part of the body, while others are very effective multipurpose machines.

You can read reviews and compare product features online or visit your local specialty store to examine products in person.

Here are seven things to know about indoor exercise equipment:

  1. Rowing machines offer a total body workout. Rowing machines work your arms leg and back all at the same time. It’s one of the best total body workouts you can get. When you are reviewing products, think about buying a rowing machine that has pulleys so that you get a more realistic rowing experience every time.
  2. Stationary bikes provide a good cardiovascular workout. Stationary bikes are ideal for bike riders and those who want something easy to begin their workouts with. You don’t need any training. In many ways, it’s just like riding a regular bike. Just make sure the seat and grips are adjusted so that you are comfortable when using them.
  3. Elliptical trainers are good for impact-free exercise. Although it may take a little while to get used to the motion of an elliptical training machine, it can be a very effective impact-free workout. They are a hybrid between a stair stepping machine and a ski machine. The speeds, grades and resistance can all be adjusted to your liking. The pedals should be easy to use and made of material that won’t cause your feet to stick or slip. The handlebars should be sturdy and durable.
  4. Resistance bands can help improve your strength. Resistance training is a very popular workout for many. They are lightweight, portable and easy to use almost anywhere. Measure the resistance level by counting how many repetitions you can perform. If it seems too easy, feel free to change things up a bit by moving your hands and feet closer together or farther apart during your workout.
  5. Treadmills help to build endurance. Treadmills are perfect for those who want to run or walk indoors on a rainy day. Make sure to select one that has a strong motor, a solid frame and an emergency shut off. The belt should be long enough to match your stride and there should be plenty of options to adjust your pace as you see fit.
  6. Cross country ski machines are gentle on your knees. While some may be wary about actual cross country skiing, buying a cross country ski machine can alleviate your worries. These machines offer a very good workout for your arms and legs. The sliding motion is very gentle on your knees. Some machines use handgrips and others use ropes. Find the ski machine that is best for your comfort level and exercise goals.
  7. Stair steppers are an ideal low-impact workout. Many stair stepper machines offer handrails, hand grips and large step platforms to make the workout as easy as possible. It’s a simple, effective, low-impact workout. They put less stress on your legs and knees and allow you to alter your workout as needed. Using the handgrips can also help you improve your upper arm strength.

These are just some of the basic things to know about some of the more popular forms of home exercise equipment. Learn to use them properly to avoid accidents or injuries, and remember that it takes time to see positive results.

Once you’ve made your purchasing decision, you’ll be on your way to losing weight and feeling great in no time.



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