Ruth B. on Storytelling Through Music and the Artists That Inspire Her

Get to know the budding singer-songwriter.

Canadian singer-songwriter Ruth B. has been making waves in music ever since her original composition went viral on Vine in December of 2014. The video was a snippet of what would become her debut single Lost Boys, inspired by the TV series Once Upon A Time. Since then, the song has streamed over 450 million times and become a multi-platinum hit. In the five years since its release the 23-year-old has won the 2016 Juno Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year, the BMI Pop Award for Lost Boy in 2016, and been nominated for the 2018 Juno Awards for Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Pop Album for the Year.

Though her music is often accompanied by beautiful melodies on the piano, it also has strong and lively quality. She gains her inspiration from her Ethiopian heritage, as well as her passion for storytelling. “I always gravitated towards storytellers. That was always my favorite type of song, one that told a good story,” she says, citing artists such as Lauryn Hill, the Beatles, and Stevie Wonder as some of her favorites.

Even as a kid growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, Ruth B. knew that music was her calling, as she often turned to it whenever she felt lost or overwhelmed by emotion and needed a space to express herself. Listening to her debut album Safe Haven, released in 2017, her unique ability to capture timeless emotion is clear in all twelve tracks. Her music is honest, compassionate, and intimate, as almost all her songs work through the encounters of life and love.

With her debut album rapidly approaching gold sales status, it’s no surprise that Ruth B. is making her mark in the music industry. She took some time to stop by Aaptiv HQ to discuss her pre-show ritual, the music she uses to power through a run, and the feelings she wants her music to elicit.

Q&A With Ruth B.

The Music That Moves Ruth B.



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