Runner’s Work and Other New Classes Live Now!

Step up your workout game this week.

Some things are inevitable: death, taxes, and a brand new batch of Aaptiv classes released every week. Get outside with a slew of outdoor runs that will help you embrace the warmer weather or try a strength training class such as Runner’s Work featuring Aaptiv Trainer Ackeem.


Steep Speeds with Ben G.
Intervals: Push yourself through two ten-minute rounds of varying speeds and inclines. The incline will continually rise for two-minute intervals before you can take a one-minute recovery.

Jog It Up with Candice C.
Walk + Jog: Beginner runners work on adding more jogging into workouts with this run. Each five-minute series of intervals focuses on a different cardio aspect, such as endurance and stamina.

Up To Speed with Jessica M.
Incline + Speed Work: Alternate 30-second sprints with 60-second walking intervals for four rounds of speed work. Push to maintain your speed on each sprint as the incline steadily increases each round.

Run And Dance with John T.
Incline + Speed Work: Turn your run into a dance party with this beat-driven workout. You’ll alternate sprinting and running on an incline whenever the beat drops.

That Run with Meghan T.
HIIT + Upper Body: Work through various running styles like endurance, sprints, and progression intervals with this run. Intermediates can use this class to practice bridging the gap to more advanced workouts.

Headstrong with Meghan T.
Intervals: Beginner runners build running economy on this tough run. You’ll practice various forms of running to add versatility to your training. Endurance progressions with walking recoveries help boost stamina.

Run ’N’ Lunge with Kelly C.
HIIT + Lower Body: Build endurance and lower body strength with this series of intervals. You’ll rotate rounds of jogging, walking, and walking lunges for a dynamic workout.

Race Day Endurance with Rochelle M.
Endurance Intervals: Get ready for any upcoming races with this endurance-focused run. After a quick warmup, you’ll set a pace at level seven and lock it in for five minutes. Pick up the pace for another five minute round to really bring it home.

Crank That Treadmill Up with Ackeem E.
Speed Work: Your speed will gradually increase throughout this progressive run. The goal is to build endurance and confidence while increasing overall speed and stamina.

Speed Spikes with Ackeem E.
Intervals: Intermediate athletes build endurance and mental toughness with this interval-based run. You’ll alternate two-minute endurance runs with 60-second sprints for a speed and stamina challenge.

Indoor Cycling

Pedal Those Legs with Ben G.
Tabata + Intervals: It’s all about the intervals in this cycling ride. Push through a series of Tabata drills before riding through six rounds of intervals. End with a challenging two-minute high-speed push to finish strong.

Ten Is All It Takes with Ed H.
HIIT: All you need is ten minutes to fit in an intense and challenging workout. Increase power and endurance with a taxing series of HIIT intervals that will leave you spent.

Put It All In The Pedals with Ed H.
Intervals: Improve your overall endurance and pedaling economy with this challenging cycling workout. You’ll push through various intervals to build muscle and burn serious calories.

It’s All Happening with Kelly C.
HIIT: Work through in all zones and positions through this HIIT-style workout. You’ll push through sprints, heavy resistance, and rounds of endurance work for a full lower body challenge that will boost your strength and stamina.

Outdoor Running

Sia Later with Ben G.
Walk + Jog: An all-Sia playlist sets the tone of this upbeat interval-based class. After a quick warmup, get right into 24 minutes of work. You’ll alternate jogging for three minutes and walking for one to boost endurance.

Take On Tempo with Candice C.
Tempo Running: Work on finding your tempo pace and holding it. Minimal recovery will keep your heart rate up and improve endurance overall.

The Stride Is Right with Jaime M.
Walk + Jog + Full Body: Get outside and get moving with this tough beginner workout. You’ll alternate intervals of walking and jogging with some bodyweight exercises throwin in for an added challenge.

My Favorite Run with Meghan T.
Tempo Run: Focus on pace and foot placement throughout this challenging, but fun class. You’ll build mental and physical toughness with tempo running in this experimental workout.

Yoga, Stretching, and Meditation

Path of Most Awareness with Ceasar B.
Guided Meditation: Find an inner awareness of your physical body with this quick, guided meditation. Spend a few minutes to reconnect your mind and body anywhere and anytime.

Time to Flow with Ceasar B.
Vinyasa Flow: Connect your mind, breathing, and body with this guided flow. Complete poses such as sun salutations, chair pose, and triangle pose to engage and strengthen the muscles all over your body.

No Time For Negativity with Jaime M.
Walking Meditation: Focus on the present moment and release negative energy with this guided walking meditation.

Ready To Roll with Jenn G.
Lower Body + Equipment: Relieve post-workout muscle soreness or simply loosen stiff muscles on a rest day with this foam roller class focused on the lower body.

Just Hold On with Jenn G.
Full Body: Dig deeper and hold stretches longer with this total body advanced stretching routine perfect for post-workout or to keep muscles limber on your rest day.

Breathe In Peace with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: Find peace, happiness, and a clear mind with this advanced guided meditation focused on breathing.

All In The Twist with Jade A.
Vinyasa Flow: Wring out your internal organs and detoxify your body with this yoga flow focused on twisting. You’ll be challenged with poses such as side and regular crow before ending on a calm note to recenter.

Strength Training

Get Your Muscles Poppin’ with Erin S.
Tabata + Weights: Grab a set of medium-to-heavy dumbbells for this Tabata-focused workout. You’ll work your upper body, lower body, core, and cardiovascular strength in this challenging class divided into four sets.

With The Bands with Jenn G.
Upper Body + Equipment: Sculpt your shoulders, biceps, and triceps with this quick, but challenging upper body workout. Use bodyweight, weights, or resistance bands to customize the class and modify it to your level.

Minute To Win It with Mike S.
Lower Body + Core + Weights: Hit your lower body and core hard with this EMOM-style (every minute on the minute) workout. You’ll work through two sets of weighted exercises such as squats, lunges, and planks for three rounds each.

Having A Ball with Mike S.
Full Body + Equipment: Grab a medicine ball and hold on to it throughout this quick workout. You’ll work through squats and oblique slams in an EMOM-style (every minute on the minute) format.

Upper Body AMRAP with Rochelle M.
Upper Body: Jump right into this upper body strength workout. You have two minutes to push out as many reps of push-ups and tricep dips as you can in two minutes before holding a 60-second plank.

Back and Chest Bang Out with Sultan M.
Upper Body + Weights: Sculpt and strengthen those chest and back muscles with this advanced workout. Push through two groups of exercises such as chest press, pullovers, and rows for three rounds each.

Bodyweight It Out with Sultan M.
Full Body: Drop the dumbbells and work with your bodyweight through three rounds of six exercises total. You’ll perform squats, wide push-ups, planks, lunges, and more for a total body toner.

Runner’s Work with Ackeem E.
Lower Body + Core + Weights: You’ll start with core work before moving into lower body exercises ideal for runners. The moves are simple but intense for a challenging and effective workout.


Rock Out Country Style with Jessica M.
Intervals: Hit the country roads with this elliptical workout. You’ll work through five sets of intervals all at varying speeds, durations, and resistances to keep your body and mind guessing and engaged.

Stair Climber

Step It Up with Jessica M.
Intervals: Hit your lower body and booty from all angles with this dynamic stair climb. You’ll double-step and kickback your way through intervals of varying durations and speeds.

* We are always working to improve the Aaptiv experience – which includes adding new content and replacing older content. If you don’t see a class you’re interested in, please reach out to for recommendations!



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