Riding the Waves and Other New Classes Live Now!

Get your head right with new classes and new music.

Hop on the bike and practice your dance moves, with Cycle Choreography, an indoor cycling class led by Aaptiv trainer John Thornhill. Or, take some time to release tension with Bedtime Stretch, a full body stretching class led by Aaptiv trainer Amanda Butler.


Bedtime Stretch with Amanda B.
Full Body: This stretch is great to do at the end of the day to wind down and loosen up. Add this to your nightly routine for more restful sleep. Grab yourself a mat or a comfortable space and get ready for the perfect stretch before your perfect night’s sleep.

Front Body Opening with Nicole S.
Full Body: This class is geared toward opening the front of the body. Start at the top with the neck, travel down the body to the shoulders, chest, upper body, mid body, quads, and end with the tops of the feet. This full body stretch will increase blood flow and release tension.

Stretch Now with Ackeem E.
Full Body: This class is a series of static and dynamic stretches to loosen the upper body, hips, and hamstrings. The upper body stretches will be held for 30 seconds, while the lower body stretches will be held for a minute. You’ll be more mobile, relaxed, and recovered after this class.

Cool Down After Running with Rochelle M.
Lower Body: This post-run stretch will help ease tension in the lower body. Focusing from your hamstrings and quads to your hips and lower back, this is the perfect cool down to a run or even a daily stretch for those of you on your feet.

Strength Training

Turn Up the Heat with Amanda B.
Full Body + Weights: This total body workout is the perfect double decker layer of lower body, cardio bursts, upper body, more cardio bursts, and a core finisher. Get it all in in less than 25 minutes! You’ll need a light and a heavier set of dumbbells for this class.

Bells Up with Amanda B.
Full Body + Weights: This 35-minute workout is a mixture of skill, strength, and a lot of sweat. You’ll have four different AMRAPs of two compound movements. This workout will have you drenched from head to toe. So grab some kettbells and get ready to work!

Two Birds, One Stone with Ackeem E.
Full Body + Weights: This is a full-body strength routine with dumbbells. Each movement is a compound movement, meaning you’ll get a bigger bang for your buck with this workout. Start with a core warm up, and then tackle three rounds of four big bang movements. You’ll need weights and mat for this workout.

Build Up to Push Up with Ackeem E.
Upper Body + Weights: This upper body-focused workout is expertly designed to help you perform the perfect push-up. There are two upper body circuits of three exercises each. You’ll need a bench and a set of dumbbells for this class.


Lock In Your Endurance with Rochelle M.
Steady Pace: This workout is designed for an intermediate athlete looking to build endurance and enhance their performance for a long distance race. You’ll work at a steady pace for 30 minutes, and that is the entire workout.

Together We Rise with Jaime M.
Walk + Jog: This is a fun walk, jog and optional run workout with a blend of incline and speed changes to push your body to work!

Fartlek Sprints with Ackeem E.
Intervals + Sprints: This is a class of Fartlek sprints. There are two sets of varied sprint intervals. Longer rest periods are followed by longer speed intervals. This workout is a great compliment to a strength and conditioning program or simply to keep your body running at top speed!

Sprint Form with Rochelle M.
Speed Work: This workout is designed to help advanced runners hone in on the skills of speed work with proper form. This will help with performance for races and serve as a solid base for running form.

Business As Usual with Ackeem E.
Intervals: This class is all about tempo! There are three 10-minute sets focused on refining your tempo pace. Each set is a combination of tempo and push pace sprint intervals.

Indoor Cycling

Cycle Choreography with John T.
Intervals: This is a choreography ride! In this intermediate beat-based, ride you’ll learn how to do elbow drops, travel patterns, and tap backs on the bike. In between, you’ll use the beat to find the rhythm and crush intervals!

Cycling & Strength Combo with John T.
Intervals + Strength: This is a cycling and strength training combination workout. The workout has ten songs. You’ll ride for eight songs, then use the last two songs to work the core, hamstrings and glutes.

In This to Win with Katie H.
Intervals + Hills: This rhythm ride is all about believing in yourself and committing to excellence! It’s separated into two parts, with three tracks each. Part one is two tracks, and you’ll set and master your intensity levels for this workout. In part two, you’ll conquer one big 7-minute hill. We’ll take it home together by losing our breath at the end of each section of the ride. Because if we’re in this to win, why not end with a bang?


Set Your Intention with John T.
Resistance: This beginner, beat-based elliptical workout has four songs, with each song focusing on pushing and pulling with different major body parts: your arms, legs and core. In the final song you’ll get your heart rate up with interval pushes. The goal of this workout is to teach you proper form and structure on the elliptical.

Beginner Fire with Jaime M.
Incline: This beginner elliptical workout will light a match to build your endurance with inclines maxing out at 10. This class is short, sweet, and full of fire!

Dream Big Today with Jaime M.
Intervals: This is a great workout with a blend of hills and sprints to boost your energy and keep you motivated to reach your dreams, both in fitness and throughout the day. The word of this workout is dream.

Push Party with John T.
Intervals: Celebrate your strength in this short but sweet intermediate elliptical workout. You’ll complete four songs in total. The first song will be a beat-based warm up, followed by songs of intervals, where you’ll pass the rhythm on the musical drops. Push your body and the rhythm!

Club Vibes with Katie H.
Resistance: Increase your resistance step by step in this elliptical class. You choose your incline, so keep it noticeable but manageable. This class is all about building your endurance, both in and out of the gym.


Diminish Discomfort with Nicole S.
Guided Meditation: This meditation will provide an opportunity to focus your awareness on loving, healing, and compassionate kindness toward yourself, your body and your mind. Tap into unconditional love so that your body can work to heal itself.


Hope For Your Hips with Nicole S.
Vinyasa Flow: This vinyasa flow focuses on the hips, moving them in all directions safely and with pain-free range of motion. Get ready to move, flow, sweat, and end your practice with healthier and happier hips.

Outdoor Running

Indie-pendence Run with Katie H.
Intervals: This indie music run is all about building strength, testing speed, and empowering yourself to be fiercely independent on and off the road! It’s separated into three parts, two songs each. Run to the rhythm and sprint on the beat, with recoveries there right when you need them the most. Run to playlist that features Indie-Pop band, COIN.

Results in the Recovery Zone with Rochelle M.
Endurance: This workout is designed to help an advanced runner hold their easy pace for 20 minutes and force them to stay in heart rates zone 1 and 2. The aim is to build endurance.

5K Pace Test with Rochelle M.
Speed Work: This workout is designed to test your 5K race pace! By the end of the workout you’ll be familiar with your 5K race pace. Save this workout as benchmark to revisit every few weeks to retest your speed and see your progress.

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