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New classes have arrived!

We created Aaptiv so you can get quality workouts from experienced trainers anytime, anywhere. Starting today we’re making it even easier for you to discover workouts you love.

In the past, we’ve updated Aaptiv with new workouts throughout the week. Now, you’ll see over 30 new classes added to the app across all categories every Monday! This gives you a chance to plan your weekly workouts with Aaptiv and keep your fitness routine fresh and exciting.

We’re also making it ridiculously simple for you to FIND the new routines. We’ll be spotlighting the new releases here on Aaptiv’s blog every Monday!

Here’s your first round of new classes. Be sure to tag us in your selfies with #TeamAaptiv after you finish the workouts and as always let us know what you think!

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A sample week of Aaptiv classes:

Looking to mix things up? Everyone has different training goals, but here are three sample, week-long training plans that utilize our new classes to get you started. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced fitness lover, we’ve got workouts to build your strength, stamina, and endurance.

Pro tip: Spend ten minutes today mapping out your entire week of workouts then add the routines to your calendar like an appointment. Don’t forget to block off the time with a “busy” shared calendar status. Think of it like this: You’re committing to a date with Aaptiv and we’ll be so bummed if you cancel on us! (Remember, always consult with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine and make sure to listen to your body and do what’s right for you!) beginner workouts calendar aaptiv classes
intermediate workout calendar aaptiv classes

advanced workout calendar aaptiv classes

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Here are all of the new classes available on Aaptiv today:

Abs, abs, and more abs!

Strength Training: Core Battle with Sultan Malik
There’s no time to rest in this quick core workout that strengthens your midsection muscular endurance with a series of dynamic exercises including side planks, flutter kicks, and double crunches.

Remix your cardio

Stair Climbing: HIIT-E with Kelly Chase
Make sure you show this underrated piece of gym equipment some love this week! This advanced stair-climbing routine will improve your stamina, get your heart rate humming, and build lower-body strength by incorporating two dynamic exercises on the machine.

Quick Hits

Core Matters with Jena Maenius
Vinyasa For Your Abs: This quick flow helps to stabilize and support the low back by warming your core muscles. Advanced

Power Beam with Kelly Chase
Plyometric Cardio: This mini routine is a cardio and strength challenge thanks to moves such as high knees, burpees, and scissor jumps. Advanced


Heart Won’t Forget with Jessica Muenster
Indoor Cycling Warm-Up: Get your legs and hip flexors warm with this active stretch sequence. Beginner

Pre-Run Vibes with Jessica Muenster
Running Warm-Up: A series of high knees, butt kicks, and hip flexor stretches will leave you ready to tackle your run. Beginner


On And Off with Benjamin Green
Jog + Strength: This class is designed to make your core and upper body stronger thanks to the bodyweight exercises between the jogging intervals. Intermediate

Treadmill Boss with Jessica Muenster
Incline + Speed Intervals: Take your running game to the next level with this cardio hill routine. Intermediate

Tune In with Edouard Hall
Speed + Stamina: This class is for the runner who wants to become faster and run longer distances. The workout gradually increases in intensity so make sure you save some energy for the end. Intermediate

Perfectly Fit with Meghan Takacs
Cross-Training: Coach Meghan describes this class as ʺthe perfect example of how I define ‘fitness.’ʺ You’ll do a mix of walking incline intervals and strength exercises. Your goal: Expect the unexpected and try to nail the transitions. Intermediate

Stair Climbing

HIIT-E with Kelly Chase
Cardio Endurance: This workout will improve your stamina, get your heart rate humming, and build lower-body strength by incorporating two dynamic exercises on the machine. Advanced


Look At You Go with Jessica Muenster
Beginner Intervals: This pop-heavy workout is all about speed. The short intervals will keep your mind and muscles occupied so you’ll never feel bored. Beginner

New Level with Jessica Muenster
Endurance: Work your legs with a gradual hill climb that will build your stamina and your strength. Push yourself to the max with this glute-burning workout. Advanced

Big Ush, Big Rush with Jessica Muenster
Resistance Hills: This class is perfect for introducing beginners to hill work on the elliptical. Strengthen your glutes and calves in this challenging workout, all set to the beats of a themed playlist. Advanced

Interval Run with Kelly Chase
Endurance + Strength: Leave the incline steady but push the resistance high in this elliptical session. You’ll challenge your entire lower body while skyrocketing your heart rate. Advanced

Hello, Ellip with Kelly Chase
Intro To Elliptical Workouts: You’ll gradually increase the resistance (every two minutes) in this beginner-friendly class that will improve your endurance so you can tackle more challenging routines in the future. Beginner


Break It Down with Jena Maenius
First-Timer Flow: This class will help you ease into a Vinyasa practice while working your total body. Beginner

So Fly with Jena Maenius
Advanced Hip Openers: Flying Pigeon pose is a challenging hip opener. Learn simple tips that will help you feel secure in this beneficial posture. Advanced

Prepare For Sleep with Ceasar Barajas
Slow Flow: Prepare your body for restful sleep with this calming yoga sequence. Beginner

Shot Of Energy with Ceasar Barajas
Wake Up With Yoga: This energizing flow is better than a midday nap. Yep, we said it. Beginner

Outdoor Running

Heart On Fire with Benjamin Green
Sprints: This advanced run is all about going as fast as you can. So put your sneakers on and get ready to get breathless. Advanced

Run The Alarm with Jessica Muenster
Increase Your Speed: Work toward longer intervals at higher speeds with this electronic pop workout that combines jogging and running intervals for maximum calorie burn. Intermediate

Track Queen with Meghan Takacs
Speed Work: Learn how to pace your distance runs with this helpful class. Amazing beats will keep you on pace throughout your run. Advanced

Get Dynamic with Ceasar Barajas
Athletic Walk: This indoor/outdoor walk includes bodyweight exercises such as squat jumps and walking for an extra total-body burn. Intermediate

Refresh Remix with Kelly Chase
Gradual Intervals: This routine uses a strategic mix of varying speed intervals to help you become a stronger, faster runner. Intermediate

Strength Training

Raise Up with Sultan Malik
Upper Body: This class is all about working your arms, chest, and back muscles with a high-energy hip-hop and R&B mix. Feel the burn with exercises including wide push-ups, shoulder raises, and supermans. Intermediate

Core Battle with Sultan Malik
Core: No time to rest in this quick core workout that strengthens your midsection muscular endurance with a series of dynamic exercises including side planks, flutter kicks, and double crunches. Intermediate

The Burn Is Yours with Jaime McFaden
Lower Body: Work your bottom half with this killer combination of squats, lunges, and hamstring curls. A pop playlist will keep your body moving during this short strength routine. Beginner

Indoor Cycling

Go For It with Benjamin Green
Cardio Sprints: This advanced class is all about intervals. Give it your all during the power surges and make sure to catch your breath during the recovery. Advanced

Break Away with Edouard Hall
Sprints: The high-energy beats will power your ride. The goal of this class is to improve speed by focusing on pedal efficiency and proper form when accelerating in and out of the saddle. Advanced

Power Hill Beats with Edouard Hall
Endurance Ride: Increase your aerobic capacity with this beginner-friendly class that focuses on developing speed and stamina using tempo drills and seated climbs. Beginner


Be Passionate with Jena Maenius
Self-Care: Being passionate about yourself is the first step to ignite your passion for something or someone else. Learn how to stoke your own fire with this short meditation. All levels

Empowered Females with Jena Maenius
Inner Strength: You’re the leading lady in your life! We delve into the core of what creates empowerment in this 10-minute guided meditation. All levels

Find Compassion with Ceasar Barajas
Relaxing Walk: This guided indoor/outdoor walking meditation focuses on how to cultivate love and how being more compassionate can improve your mental and physical health. All levels

Release Anxiety with Amanda Murdock
Relax Already!: This short meditation uses positive affirmations and relaxation techniques to let go of unwanted stress. All levels

Family Time with Amanda Murdock
Find Calmness: This kid-friendly meditation uses guided visualization to help ease you into a more relaxed state. All levels

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