Party on a Stairclimber and a Challenging New Take on Leg Day

A brand new batch of classes to beat the Monday blues.

This week it’s all about training hard and recovering smart. Be sure to check out “Metabolic Plyos”, a bodyweight cardio burner, when you’re short on time but want a #sweateveryday moment. Coach Jaime’s “Activate and Engage” is the perfect, feel-good, full-body dynamic warm-up routine you can do before an intense Aaptiv class, and coach Amanda’s “Chair Yoga Stretch” is a daily routine you can do to release tension in your wrists, shoulders, and neck.

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Indoor Cycling

Pop Mega Burn with Kelly Chase
Advanced HIIT: After a quick warm up, you’ll alternate between zones 1-4 with heavy resistance pushes, low-resistance sprints, and cardio jump work.

Hello, My Name Is Speed Work with Ben Green
Beginner Speed Intervals: Coach Ben would like to introduce you to speed intervals! This class will help you become more familiar and confident with interval work. It will be challenging but also very rewarding. Top pop hits will keep your energy soaring.

7 Minute Quick Hits

Tabata Plank Time with Amanda Murdock
Intermediate Core: This Tabata strength class is all abs and planks. Each interval is only 20 seconds, so give it 110% effort during each short burst.

Dynamic Sprints with Jaime McFaden
Advanced Sprints: This short workout gets right to the point…speed!

Metabolic Plyos with Troy Brooks
Advanced Cardio Intervals: Bodyweight cardio moves will spike your heart rate in this short but challenging routine.

Let The Tension Build with Mike Septh
Beginner Upper Body: There’s no rest in this short and focused class that will have you moving from planks to push-ups and more. The goal is to work your upper body and back by increasing the time you spend under tension.

Keep Those Hills Short with Ed Hall
Beginner Hill + Jog: Hills are a challenge, but this quick class makes them doable—and fun! Training with a consistent speed and a gradual incline will help you build endurance. You’ll end with a short jog and cool down.

Strength Training

Join The Glutes Band with Candice Cunningham
Intermediate Butt Circuits: Say hello to the glute burn! This hip-hop strength class can be done with or without a resistance band (add the training tool for an extra challenge).

Upper Body Dumbbell Sesh with Sultan Malik
Intermediate Upper Body + Weights: Row, curl, press, and more! Grab a set of dumbbells and prepare for a 3-circuit routine targeting your arms, shoulders, and back muscles.

Leg Day Challenge with Sultan Malik
Advanced Lower Body: Conquer leg day with this tough yet effective class. You’ll have fun while training with Coach Sultan! (You’ll want to have a sturdy chair, couch, or bench nearby for step-ups.)

Dumbbell HIIT Moves with Mike Septh
Advanced HIIT + Weights: This hip-hop class features eight moves that will challenge and improve your strength, stamina, and stability. It’s a full-body routine that will have you sweating in no time.


Purple Chair Yoga with Amanda Murdock
All Levels Themed Desk Yoga: If you sit all day, this soothing stretching routine is exactly what you need to relieve tension in your neck, wrists, and shoulders. The class can be performed in your desk chair during a midday break.

Tri Yoga with Jena Maenius
Beginner Lower-Body Flow: Triangle pose is good for you but it can be a little tricky to master! Learn how to benefit from the pose and strengthen your lower body with this Vinyasa class.

Outdoor Running and Walking

Start Here, Start First with Meghan Takacs
Beginner Jog: If you’re just starting to run be sure to take this class with Coach Meghan. During this fun, coaching-heavy outdoor jogging workout you’ll learn everything you need to know about alignment and form so that you start to run correctly and more efficiently.

Give It Everything You’ve Got with Meghan Takacs
Intermediate Progressive Speed Intervals: Your goal is to maintain a tempo pace throughout the entire run without stopping. There’s no walking in this workout, so get ready to work on your mental toughness and concentration in addition to your form.

Power Up Walk with Jaime McFaden
Beginner Walk: Get moving with this pop-fueled walking class. Pick up the pace during the power walk intervals, then return to your normal speed and allow your heart rate to recover. It’s fun, it’s cardio, it’s just what you want.

Catching Speed with Rochelle Baxter
Intermediate Themed Intervals: Have the time of your life with this interval class. Start with an easy jog then pick it up to tempo pace and expect some sprints! Each interval is on the chorus, so if you want to sing and sprint, we get it!


Hit Those 800s with Meghan Takacs
Advanced Speed Intervals: There’s no incline work in this class but expect peak speeds in this challenging speed run. Your goal is to focus on form and a forefoot strike during the earlier intervals. And guess what’s waiting for you at the end—sprints!

Put In The Work with Kelly Chase
Beginner Walk + Jog: Say hello to cardio with this light walking and jogging interval class that will leave you feeling ready to pick up the pace in future workouts.


Taking It To The Max And More with Candice Cunningham
Advanced HIIT: Start strong and finish even stronger. This pop and hip-hop cardio class will improve your speed and stamina.

Fight Through The Fatigue with Candice Cunningham
Advanced Multidirectional: Intervals of multidirectional work give your glutes and hamstrings an extra challenge during this cardio class. You’ll really start to feel the burn during the second half of the workout but you are stronger than you think—keep pushing!

Pop Magic Cardio with Jaime McFaden
Intermediate HIIT and Hills: The only way to go is up! This class focuses on intervals that help improve your stamina and hills that will target your lower body muscles.

You’re A 90s Punk with Jessica Muenster
Advanced Hill Repeats: Go hard with steady elliptical climbs. You’ll move through five hill repeats to challenge and strengthen your glutes.

Upbeat And Speedy Cardio Work with Erin Sanders
Intermediate HIIT: You’re going to move fast, then a little faster, and finally you’re going to push it to your fastest speed! The playlist is a mix of upbeat indie pop/rock, so have some fun and keep moving.


Activate And Engage with Jaime McFaden
Dynamic Warm-Up: Prep your muscles for a workout with this short, full-body dynamic warm-up. It’ll have you moving better so you can get more from each class.


How Hard Is Your Climb with Candice Cunningham
Advanced Multidirectional: Get right to the point with this pop-heavy workout that pushes you to increase your speed as class continues. Just when you think you’ve had enough, you’ll change directions to burn out your glutes.

21 And Counting with Erin Sanders
Intermediate Multidirectional: Build stronger glutes and healthy hips with this multidirectional class that helps improve your stamina, stability, and balance. Bonus, you’ll also get a nice metabolic boost.



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