Run Away With Me-and Other New Classes Live Now!

It's all about endurance this week.

fitness man checks new aaptiv classes

Expect to work this week with a new bunch of classes focused on gaining endurance. You’ll push past your limits for longer periods of time to gain cardiovascular and muscular power.


Sugar, Sugar, How You Get So High? with Ben G.
Intermediate HIIT + Hills: Speed through seven running intervals on this treadmill workout. Pop music sets the pace as you push yourself up various hills.

Start Somewhere with Candice C.
Beginner Intervals: Introduce jogging to your workout routine with easy intervals created for new runners. Alternate between walking and jogging to find your pace and train for better endurance.

Heart Rate Peaks with Kelly C.
Intermediate Intervals: Switch between jogging and running on this interval workout. Upbeat tunes set the tone as you build endurance and practice upping your pace.

Run Away With Me with Jaime M.
Advanced Intervals: On this dynamic run you’ll test your endurance and pace through intervals of varying speed and recovery length.


Change Of Heart Rate with Jessica M.
Beginner HIIT: Practice high intensity interval training on this quick run designed for beginners. Varying resistance works to strengthen your legs and heart.

Outdoor Running

Lower Body Breaks with Jaime M.
Beginner Intervals + Strength: Work those legs on this outdoor run designed with decreasing recovery time to test your endurance. Pause along the way to push through basic body weight moves, such as squats and lunges, for an added challenge.

It’s Getting Fast But I Don’t Mind with Rochelle B.
Intermediate Speed Work: Speed is your only focus in this challenging workout full of sprints. Fast-paced pop hits push your cadence as you work through rounds of running and short recovery.

Indoor Cycling

Speed Symphony with Ed H.
Advanced Speed Work + Resistance: Increase strength and speed in this challenging cycling ride with intervals of sprints and heavy resistance. Fast-paced music sets the tone as you pedal and push hard.


HIIT The Core with Erin S.
Intermediate HIIT + Core: Shock your abs and raise your heartrate in this quick workout. You’ll complete challenging core moves, including mountain climbers and planks, in HIIT-style succession.

Core Check with Mike S.
Advanced Core: Hustle through three rounds of three exercises in this quick core workout. Challenging moves and minimal rest test your form and abdominal strength.

HIITing It Hard with Sultan M.
Advanced HIIT + Strength: In this dynamic full body workout, two groups of exercises combine body weight, HIIT, and core moves for a blend that will leave you burning.

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