Muscle Builder and Other New Classes Live Now!

There's no better time than the present for a good sweat sesh!

We hope you’re getting your fill of candy corn this week! But all good things require balance, so gear up for a whole new week of workouts!

Check out Muscle Builder, a strength class with Aaptiv Trainer Jessica Muenster, or, sink into a deep sleep with Smooth Slumber, a guided meditation with Aaptiv trainer Jade Alexis.


Stretch From Top to Bottom with Amanda B.
Full Body: You’ll need a mat for this beginner stretch. You’ll start with neck circles, then work your way down, ending with tabletop hip extensions.

Strength Training

Upper Body Strength Moves with Amanda B.
Upper Body + Weights: You’ll need a set of dumbbells for this workout, ranging from 5lb to 8lb, and a dumbbell ranging from 8lb to 10lb. You’ll use these for overhead presses and bent-over rows so make sure to pick a weight that doesn’t sacrifice your form. You’ll work for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. Exercises include push-ups, bent-over rows, shoulder presses, and more.

Muscle Builder with Jessica M.
Lower Body: You’ll need some moderate weights for this class. You’ll also need a bench or some steps. The first half of this class is all leg work. You’ll work through three sets of step-ups, glute bridges, lateral lunges, and hip openers. Then, you’ll work through some cardio intervals and finish up with more strength training. Exercises include plank jacks, toe taps, burpees, and walkouts.

Time to Grow with Kenta S.
Full Body + Weights: In this class, you’ll have two circuits of four exercises. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Each circuit will have two strength, one cardio, and one core exercise. The mantra of this workout is “make mistakes” because that’s how we grow. Work to an all-Tove Styrke playlist.

Full Body Toning with Kenta S.
Full Body: All you need for this class is your bodyweight and a mat. You’ll start the class by focusing on your breath and doing some stretches to get your muscles warmed up. This class incorporates strength exercises with yoga postures to increase flexibility and tone your full body. Work out to a playlist curated by Lennon Stella.

Super Supersets with Mike S.
Full Body + Weights: You’ll need a set of dumbbells for this class, ranging from 10lb to 20lb. This advanced class has five supersets. All that means is that you’ll have two exercises performed back-to-back for either two or three rounds. Each exercise will be 45 or 30 seconds in length. Exercises include squats to an overhead press, lunge variations, row variations, plank variations, toe touches, push-ups, and more. You’ll have 40 seconds of rest after each round.

Super Human Strength with Mike S.
Upper Body: Work through four rounds of four exercises each. You’ll work for 30 seconds at a time, resting for 40 seconds between rounds. Exercises include walkouts, leg lifts, abduction work, and push-ups.

Beginner Fundamentals with Meghan T.
Full Body: This beginner strength workout is broken up into two circuits with three and two exercises within each. You’ll repeat each circuit twice. Exercises include air squats into cross punches, modified burpees, high-knee lateral shuffles, plank variations, and rolling crunches.

How a Beast Works with Sultan M.
Full Body + Weights: You’ll need a set of dumbbells for this workout. Work through three groups of exercises, each repeated three times. You’ll have trisets, which consist of three exercises, in each group. You’ll work for 35 seconds at a time, resting for 60 seconds after each group. The first triset includes front squats, upright rows, and bent-over tricep kickbacks. The second consists of deadlifts, standing shoulder presses, and bicep curls. The third has alternating forward lunges, standing side shoulder raises, and standing reverse flies. You’ll work your shoulders, arms, and legs.

The Beast Maker with Sultan M.
Full Body: You’ll have one group of three exercises. You’ll work for three rotations, performing moves for 35 seconds on and 20 seconds off. Exercises include power squat jumps, wide push-ups, and v-ups.

Outdoor Running

Intervals of Pace with Ackeem E.
Speed Work: This beginner outdoor run begins with an easy jog to warm up. You’ll work through five rounds of a 2-minute jog, 45-second tempo run, and 15-second sprint, followed by a walking recovery. Pay attention to your breath and your form as you move through the rounds.

Embrace the Challenge with Ben G.
Intervals: This class consists of four 8-minute running intervals. The goal here is to maintain a concerted effort level. You’ll have 60-second intervals of walking (or jogging if you can) for active recovery in between. The goal is to build endurance and be able to jog through the last active recovery interval.

Stabilizing Run with Candice C.
Intervals: You’ll need a mat for this run, as you’ll start this class with some core work. You’ll get your body warmed up and stabilized before moving into the actual workout itself. Then, you’ll move into a 40-minute run, repeating intervals of jogging, running, and sprinting. You’ll increase your overall running capacity and pace while building on your form with this class.

Let’s Talk Intervals with Elena M.
Endurance: This endurance run starts out with a 5-minute warm up. Your first interval will include a 4-minute jog, 2-minute run, 1-minute push, and 2-minute recovery. You’ll repeat that once more before moving into interval two. It’ll consist of a 2-minute run, 1-minute push, 30-second sprints, and a 1-minute jog. You’ll repeat this once more before finishing up with 6 minutes of 30-second intervals at your jogging, running, sprinting, and recovery paces.

TBT Early 2000s with John T.
Intervals: This outdoor run is rooted in the rhythm. You’ll warm up with an easy jog, then pick up the pace to jog to and sprint past the beat. You won’t always be in sync with the music, but you’ll have cues throughout. Run to a throwback playlist of hits from the early 2000s.

60-Minute Walk with Meghan T.
Walk: This is a 60-minute walk that focuses on forming a clear, positive, and goal-oriented mentality. You’ll focus on technique and posture so this is a great workout for a beginner runner or someone looking to take a long walk or hike. You’ll alternate between steady pace and speed walking.


Two Minute Tempo with Ackeem E.
Intervals: This beginner treadmill workout blends speed and endurance. You’ll warm up, then alternate between endurance and speed intervals. You’ll have chances for recovery in between. Pay attention to your form and your breath as you run.

Find Your Steady Pace with Candice C.
Endurance: This intermediate class is broken into two parts. In the first part, you’ll run at a steady pace for 15 minutes without breaks. In part two, you’ll move into incline walking to burn maximum fat. You’ll work your lower body and your cardiovascular endurance.

Push Past the Limit with Elena M.
Intervals: This advanced class is all about pushing to your limits. You’ll warm up with a 5-minute jog at level 6.0 or 7.0, then work through three intervals. The intervals include a 3-minute jog with incline, 1-minute run, 30-second sprint, and 2 minutes of recovery.

Walk Down Memory Lane with Jaime M.
Intervals: This 20-minute beginner workout is set to an all ’90s R&B playlist. The word of this workout is nostalgia. Think back to your happy memories as you change up your speed and incline in this class.

Warm Up with Harmony with Jaime M.
Incline: This 6-minute warm-up is great to take before any style cardio workout. Your starting pace will be 3.0 and your ending pace will be 3.5. Your incline will gradually increase to level 5.0 to get your muscles ready to work.

Intermediate Fartlek Run with Meghan T.
Intervals + Sprint: Take on a 35-minute fartlek run. You’ll hold a base pace of 6.0, then go into 2-minute, 1-minute, and 30-second sprints. Your sprinting speed ranges from 6.8 to 8.6. Focus on sprinting on the beat as you work out to a David Guetta vs. Calvin Harris playlist.

Master the Negative Split with Rochelle M.
Progression: This intermediate treadmill workout focuses on endurance training and on how to properly achieve a negative split. You’ll have slow progressions of speed, which will increase every 5 minutes. Your speed will range from 4.5 to 7.0. You’ll cool down by jogging it out.

Indoor Cycling

Cadence to Climb with Ben G.
Intervals: Start with a 12-minute warm-up, then cycle through 6-minutes of intervals and a 7-minute climb. Then, work through 7-minutes of intervals and another 7-minute climb. You’ll use effort levels of easy, medium, and hard. This will be a challenging but rewarding ride.

Let’s Talk Thresholds with Erin S.
Intervals: You’ll work through hills, sprints, and work out of the saddle in this intermediate ride. The goal is to get your heart rate up and work in the aerobic and anaerobic threshold.

Full Tempo Ride with Jessica M.
Intervals: This full tempo ride works in and out of the saddle. You’ll have some holds out of the saddle, jogs, flys, and runs. You’ll build your leg strength with this class.

Who Run The World? With Katie H.
Intervals: Who runs the world? After this high-energy, beat-based, challenging ride, you do. You’ll have two pairs of intervals, two hills, and grand finale like only Queen Bey can do. This cycling class will have you jumpin’ jumpin’ for joy.

Sculpt and Cycle with Nicole M.
Intervals: This is an advanced intervals and arms ride. You’ll need a pair of weights, ranging from 1lb to 5lb. You’ll work through some high-intensity, beat-based intervals. Your upper body strength intervals will serve as your cardio recovery.


Intentions and Inversions with Ceasar B.
Vinyasa Flow: This dynamic flow starts in savasana. You’ll work through some core-strengthening crunches, boat poses, hip bridges, and an inversion. The goal is to find your breath with each posture. Don’t forget to set an intention.

Restore Your Muscles with Jade A.
Vinyasa Flow: This traditional flow will use the second half of the class for some deep and restorative poses, including pigeon pose, child’s pose, and bridge pose. If some of these postures are too challenging for you, try using a yoga block.

Heart-Opening Flow with Jess R.
Guided Flow: This flow focuses on the upper body, specifically the chest and the shoulders, to open up your heart space. You may feel like you’re leaning back at certain times, but this is simply because we spend so much of our day leaning forward.


Feeling Overwhelmed with Ceasar B.
Guided Meditation: This meditation is ideal for when you’re on the move. It focuses on the topic of feeling overwhelmed and teaches you how to use conscious breathing to help alleviate any stress.

Smooth Slumber with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: This sleep meditation focuses on finding gratitude and releasing stress before you settle into a deep sleep.

Stair Climber

I’m A Climber with Erin S.
Intervals: This beginner stair climber starts off with a warm-up, then goes through 3-minute intervals of double steps and fast climbing. Aim to engage your posterior chain to take the pressure off your knees and work your glutes.

Beat-Based Climber with Kelly C.
Intervals + Multidirectional: This advanced class is interval-based. You’ll perform some multidirectional work, including duck walks, low squat side steps, alternating kickbacks, skip steps, and reverse movements. Your maximum speed level will be 8.0. This class will sculpt your legs and glutes, while activating your core, too.

Beginner Intervals with Rochelle M.
HIIT: This class is great for beginners who need to get comfortable on the stair climber and want to learn how to properly perform intervals. You’ll warm up for 2 minutes and then work through intervals of varying durations and levels. You’ll work from level 2.0 up to level 8.0.


Challenges Change Us with Jaime M.
Intervals: This intermediate elliptical class starts at an incline and resistance of 5.0. The word of this workout is challenge. You control your speed, but don’t be afraid to push yourself and your limits. Prepare yourself for some high-intensity work and a high-energy playlist to keep your body moving.

Warm Up Your Muscles with Kelly C.
Resistance: This quick beat-based workout is great to use as a warm-up for any cardio exercise. Work against resistance levels of 2.0, 4.0, and 6.0 to get your muscles ready to push through the rest of your workout.

Get It Done with Katie H.
Intervals: This quick elliptical workout is interval-based. You’ll have two songs, the first of which consists of sprints and the second which consists of incline and resistance challenges.

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