Mount Epic and Other New Classes Live Now!

Turn that Monday frown upside down.

Happy Monday, Team Aaptiv! It’s time to kick your week into high gear with the help of all new Aaptiv classes! This week, tackle those incline intervals with Mount Epic, a treadmill class with Aaptiv Trainer Wes Pedersen. Or, learn the basic asanas of yoga with The Foundational Asanas, a flow with Aaptiv Trainer Nicole Sciacca.

Strength Training

You Say Kettle, I Say Bell with Amanda B.
Full Body + Kettlebells: You’ll need a set of kettlebells, ranging from 17.5lb to 25lb that you can row and chest press, as well as one heavier kettlebell, ranging from 30lb to 45lb, that you can squat, lunge, and swing. You’ll have eight sets of work to get through. Test your strength and your endurance with this class!

Tabata Rounds with Amanda B.
Full Body + Dumbbells: You’ll need three different sets of weights for this class. Grab a set of dumbbells that you can press overhead, ranging from 12.5lb to 17.5lb, a medium set of dumbbells ranging from 20lb to 30lb that you can row and chest press, and a heavier set, ranging from 30lb to 40lb, for deadlifts and squats. You’ll have three tabata sets in this class so stick with it until the end!

Strength Stars with Ackeem E.
Full Body: This quick strength workout includes bodyweight squats, curtsy lunges, and more. Let your reps match the music. You’ll perform each movement in the class for 30 seconds and hold the move for 10 seconds at the end. You’ll have 20 seconds for recovery after each exercise.

Face Your Fear with Kenta S.
Full Body: In this class, perform five different types of burpee variations. You’ll do each for 20 seconds. Take a deep breath and face your burpee fears!

Tear The Paper with Marc C.
Lower Body + Core: You’ll need some weights for this class. Grab a range that you feel comfortable with but challenged by. Begin with a bodyweight warm-up, then perform weighted exercises, including squat presses, deadlifts, and more.

Strength Maker with Mary O.
Full Body: This intermediate strength workout just requires your bodyweight, a mat, and the drive to work hard. You’ll have five exercises performed for 60 seconds each for two rounds. You’ll have 30 seconds for recovery at the end of round one. Exercises include prisoner squats into front lunges, plank jacks, side lunges, push-ups with shoulder taps, and butt kicks.

Angels & Muscle Gain with Mike S.
Upper Body + Dumbbells: You’ll need two sets of dumbbells, one between 15lb and 20lb and another set between 5lb and 10lb. You’ll have four circuits with two exercises in each. Exercises include overhead presses, renegade rows, bent-over rows, alternating extensions, push-ups, V-ups, mountain climbers, pike planks, and more. You’ll have 30 seconds of rest in between each circuit.

Strength City with Mike S.
Full Body: All you’ll need is your body weight. You’ll warm up with high knees and stretches. Then work through sets of prisoner squats, crossover mountain climbers, split squats, and forearm planks. Finish with a 5-minute EMOM of assisted push-ups.

Sicko Mode, Strength Mode with Mike S.
Full Body + Equipment: You’ll need a medium to large physioball, as well as a mat for this class. Work through four supersets with two exercises in each. Exercises include jump squats, forearm plank with flexion extension, ice skaters, reverse lunges, mountain climbers, sit-ups, hamstring curls, and more. You’ll do each exercise for 30 seconds.

Strong to the Bone with Mike S.
Upper Body + Dumbbells: You’ll need a set of dumbbells ranging from 10lb to 20lb. This advanced class includes five different exercises. Perform them for multiple rounds, working for 45 seconds and resting for 30 seconds. You’ll finish with a 10-minute EMOM. Exercises include push presses, renegade rows, single-arm rows, lateral raises, leg raises, and push-ups.

Backsquat Barbell EMOM with Meghan T.
Full Body + Weights: You’ll need a barbell for this class, ranging from 35lb to 45lb. You’ll work every minute on the minute for 10 minutes. You’ll have six to eight backsquats and five push-ups in every minute. This class is all about conditioning and time management.

Kettlebell Cry with Rachel M.
Full Body + Kettlebells: This advanced strength routine uses kettlebells. Grab two pairs of kettlebells, one on the lighter side and one on the medium to heavier side. You’ll have two 10-minute rounds with kettlebells. Exercises include swing cleans, push-presses, snatches, and more. You’ll finish the class with five minutes of core work.

Sculpt Your Inner Beast with Sultan M.
Upper Body + Dumbbells: You’ll have two supersets performed three times each. You’ll have 35 seconds on each movement, and 30 seconds of rest after each superset. Exercises include dual twisting bicep curls, overhead tricep extensions, hammer curls, and tricep curls. Grab a selection of dumbbells and get ready to work your triceps and biceps.


Shoulder & Hip Stretch with Amanda B.
Full Body: This quick 10-minute stretch aims to repair tight muscles. It’s a great way to practice self-care after a tough workout or a long day.

Neck, Arms, and Wrists with Kenta S.
Upper Body: This upper body stretch focuses on the neck, arms, wrists, and hands. You’ll need a mat as you’ll be down on the floor for the entire class. Set to an all Sade playlist, these bodyweight stretches are great for someone looking to prevent or alleviate a stiff neck or carpal tunnel.

Sade’s Calf Stretch with Kenta S.
Lower Body: This quick stretch class is focused entirely on your calves. It’s great to take after a grueling run or strength workout. You won’t need any equipment for this class. Unwind to a playlist featuring Sade.

Unravel Your Travel with Nicole S.
Full Body: This stretch class is a great way to counter the muscle tension from traveling in planes, trains, buses, or cars. This stretch is for anyone who simply needs to unwind from a sedentary position.

Outdoor Running

Make Your Body Sprint with Ackeem E.
Intervals: In this outdoor run, you’ll work on speed and endurance. The first part focuses on endurance with a 3-minute jog, 2-minute tempo, and 1 minute of drills. You’ll do this for three rounds, making a strong tempo run your goal. The second will focus on speed, and you’ll work though 10 sprints.

Running Moves with Ben G.
Walk + Run: This class features walking and running intervals. You’ll have a 9-minute warm-up before working through 11 2-minute running intervals with 1 minute of walking active recovery in between.

The Notorious R.U.N. with Candice C.
Endurance: This class is broken into two 8-minute runs. Your goal in the second run should be to beat the distance in the first run. You’ll have 2 minutes of rest in between. This is a great class to gauge progress.

Off the Walk with Jaime M.
Walk: This outdoor walk is fun, relaxing, and great to do with your family. All the songs on this playlist are from Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” album.

8-Mile Run with Meghan T.
Endurance: The primary focus of this class is endurance and achieving a fast finish. You’ll work at a steady pace for the first 20 minutes, work at a 60 percent concerted effort for the next 30 minutes, and transition into a threshold pace for your last 20 minutes. Aim to hit negative splits and log between 8 and 8.5 miles in this 70 minutes. This class is all about learning how to pace long runs, knowing when to pull ahead, and how to do it correctly.

Run The Ladder with Rachel M.
Intervals: This beginner outdoor run works up to your 5-minute race pace. You’ll work in a ladder structure, increasing the duration of your intervals as you move along. Enjoy intervals of recovery in between.

Run Fartlek, Run Further with Rochelle M.
Intervals: This class is fartlek-based to help you increase your anaerobic threshold and overall performance. You’ll start with a warm-up, then work through your first set. This will be six 45-second fartlek intervals. You’ll have 2 minutes of recovery in between. Your second set will be five 20-second intervals of all-out pick-ups with recovery in between. You’ll end with a 10-minute tempo pace interval and a 3-minute jog.


From Incline to Incline with Ben G.
Incline + Walk: This walk includes two rounds of work. Both will be close to 11 minutes in length, with a 3-minute active recovery in between. In round one, you’ll increase your incline by 1 percent every minute. In round two, you’ll increase the incline every 2 minutes. Your steepest incline will be 9.0.

Quicky and Rosy Run with Elena M.
Intervals: This class is broken into five 3-minute blocks. The first block is a warm-up, the second gradually builds incline, the third is all about speed and hitting negative splits, the fourth includes hills, and the fifth will focus on sprints. The class is quick, but efficient!

This Is My Hustle with Meghan T.
Endurance + Sprints: This workout is broken into two 10-minute sections. The first is a progression run and the second is 30-second sprints. Your top 30-second sprint speed will be 9.6, and you’ll have 30 seconds to walk between each sprint. This run is all about channeling a sprinter mentality and preparing your body for high speeds.

Mount Epic with Wes P.
Incline: You’ll start with a short warm-up and high-intensity pick ups. Then work through endurance and incline intervals.

Indoor Cycling

Cycling Bash with Ben G.
Endurance: Push through five endurance rounds. Rounds 1 and 4 will have four spicy power surges in them, allowing you to play with your effort level. You’ll have active recovery in between rounds. You’ll work in and out of the saddle, but your longest interval out of the saddle will be 90 seconds. Focus on maintaining a steady and concerted effort!

Cycle Up, Level Up with Jessica M.
Intervals: This workout is set to three songs. You’ll cycle on flats, hills, and at jogging tempos. Stay with the music for a challenging, but fun workout.

Feel Good Ride with Katie H.
Endurance: This beginner class is completely set to the pace of the music. Slowly build resistance over the course of four songs. You’ll end with some speed breakaways.

Pump Up The Jams with Katie H.
Endurance: After a quick warm-up, get ready for two 8-minute endurance intervals. Push in and out of the saddle to test your muscular and cardiovascular strength.

Cycle with Sia with Katie H.
Intervals: This all-Sia playlist covers six songs and all intensity levels both in and out of the saddle. After warming up and testing out each intensity level, you’ll hit two 12-minute rounds with endurance challenges, breathless intervals, and reflective moments. These intervals weave together seamlessly to tell a larger story of how strong you really are.

Tabata Ride with Nicole M.
Intervals: This is a Tabata ride, meaning your work intervals will be twice as long as your rest intervals. This will take you to the next level of cardio fitness. You’ll start on a flat road with a resistance anywhere from a level 1.0 to a level 4.0, then it’s time for those Tabata intervals!


Interrupted Breathing with Ceasar B.
Guided Meditation: In this meditation, you’ll go over the breathing technique “Viloma Pranayama.” This is essentially a form of interrupted breathing. This class is ideal to use midday for rejuvenation or before bed. It’s also a great way to focus the mind and body before an event or a meeting.

Tell Yourself Good Night with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: This meditation is a great way to release stress before bed. Experience a physical, mental, and emotional release to soothe yourself into sleep. If you have lavender oil or any other calming oil, use it for this meditation.

Discover Happiness with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: This 10-minute beginner meditation allows you to focus on your breath to discover happiness and peace. You’ll end the class with a mantra you can keep throughout the day.

Surrender Yourself with Nicole S.
Guided Meditation: This 10-minute meditation focuses on surrendering to the present moment. This class allows you to hold space for change, growth, and acceptance as you work through any obstacles you may have at hand.

Meditate to Forgiveness with Nicole S.
Guided Meditation: This meditation is all about forgiveness. Move through your hang-ups in an attempt to forgive yourself and others. In doing so, you’ll create space for more self-love, compassion, and gratitude.

Your Own Truthfulness with Nicole S.
Guided Meditation: This meditation focuses on truthfulness. Each of us has a need to belong and a need to expand and grow. This meditation focuses on opening up to your truest self so that you can flourish in your own unique way.


Came Here for HIIT with Jaime M.
HIIT: This advanced classes starts at a resistance of 5.0. You’ll climb up every minute, maxing out your incline at 15.0 and your resistance at 10.0. Your word of the workout is “relentless,” so don’t back down!

Believe In Your Strength with Jaime M.
Incline + Sprints: In this intermediate class, you’ll work with both incline and resistance, increasing both to level 8.0 before working through some sprints and some hill climbs. Your maximum resistance will be 10.0 and incline will be 15.0.

Elliptical Harmony with Jessica M.
Intervals: This class includes six rounds of work. In the first three, you’ll work with resistance intervals, and in the last three you’ll work with incline intervals. Your max incline will be 5.0 and your max resistance is 4.0.

Return Of The Resistance with Kelly C.
HIIT: In this advanced class, you’ll max out your incline at 10.0 and your resistance at 15.0. You’ll be prompted to push on heavy resistance cues to strengthen the quads and glutes, as well as work in reverse and sprint.

Stair Climber

Climber Effects with Jessica M.
Intervals: This class includes progressive intervals in duration. You’ll start with steady climbing intervals for three rounds and end with a progressive climb. Your hardest level will be 4.0, but you’ll knock it out first.


Calm and Balanced with Jess R.
Vinyasa Flow: This full body flow includes a lot of standing postures and balancing shapes to test your physical and mental strength.

The Chin Stand with Jess R.
Vinyasa Flow: This advanced flow works the body into a chin stand while working the mind and soul into clearer communication. You’ll use mudras throughout the class.

Essence of Breath with Jess R.
Vinyasa Flow: This class focuses on the hamstrings. You’ll explore your ability to direct your breath to help open your lungs and stretch the body deeper.

Flowing Still with Nicole S.
Vinyasa Flow: This advanced flow focuses on opening the front of the body. You’ll start with some core work and end with backbends and forward folds, working through locust poses in between.

The Foundational Asanas with Nicole S.
Vinyasa Flow: This beginner flow breaks down the foundational asanas, including cat/cow, downward facing dog, cobra, plank pose, chair, warrior 2, twisting crescent lunge, bridge pose, supine figure 4, supine twist, and savasana.

The Dance-Like Flow with Nicole S.
Vinyasa Flow: You may want to grab a block for this intermediate class. You’ll begin on your hands and knees, integrating spinal segmentation and cat/cow poses. Then, you’ll move to sun salutations and hip openers, before ending with seated twists, forward folds, and a savasana or seated meditation. You’ll flow quickly, never holding a posture for too long.

Centered, Balanced with Nicole S.
Vinyasa Flow: This intermediate practice focuses on balancing poses. Begin standing and move in all directions to create optimal balance and strength. The class includes twisting and hip opening, as well as some core work and locust pose. You’ll end in savasana or a seated meditation.

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