Introducing the Body & Mind Program, Live In-App Now!

Get strong, get centered.

If you’ve ever referred to your workout as “therapy,” you know first-hand the benefits that come with pushing your body through a high-intensity series of circuits or a dynamic flow of yoga poses. Cardio and strength training workouts torch calories and tone our muscles, while yoga leaves us feeling stronger and more centered. You already know that a well-balanced week of workouts includes cardio, strength, and yoga for a seamless blend of mind and body benefits. But, honestly, who has the time for all those different workouts? Well, turns out, you do. Introducing Body & Mind, a new yoga fusion program, live in-app now!

Created by Aaptiv Trainer Kenta Seki, Body & Mind combines yoga with strength training and cardio workouts in a best-of-both-worlds program that will leave you feeling stronger and more centered. Every workout in the five-week program includes yoga along with elements of cardio, strength, or core workouts. And, while a basic understanding of common yoga poses is encouraged, it’s not entirely necessary. “I designed the program for two main types of people,” Seki explains. “Those that already practice yoga and want to work out more often and those that already work out and want to practice yoga more often.”

The hybrid program focuses as much on inspiration as it does on perspiration, and, according to Seki, the benefits cover the mental and physical spectrum. Users should see increased flexibility, improved balance, better muscle tone, a stronger core, and a more focused, relaxed mind. All you need is a mat and an open mind. “If you don’t normally practice yoga, give this a try and see what it can do for you and your body,” Seki says. “If you already do yoga, be open to changing it up with this program’s strength, cardio, and core infusions.”

A well-rounded workout routine is right around the corner. Head to the Aaptiv app and find Body & Mind under Programs.

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